Tuesday, March 16, 2010

You Feel That?

In case you were fast asleep on 4:04 on Tuesday morning, we just had a 4.4 earthquake centered in Pico Rivera.

The Militant was walking in the hallway of his compound when he heard a rattling sound for like...three seconds, as if The Incredible Hulk punched the foundations...and not even that hard.

Then there was...nothing more.

So he headed straight to his computer, logged on to Twitter and Tweeted away!

Apparently, so did a bunch of you. It didn't take much more than 20 minutes to have the magnitude and epicenter surface on both teh Interwebz and broadcast media.

The quake was reportedly felt as far as Palmdale, but one of the Militant's operatives who lives in San Diego that it was even felt down there.

The Militant did watch KCBS 2 and was pleased to see Kent "After" Shocknek, of all people, inform us of the seismic goings-on. Later, he interviewed Los Angeles City Councilman Tom LaBonge, who gave all of Southern California not just a play-by-play of the jolt from his Silver Lake abode, but the names of his dogs -- Oliver and Dexter -- during his telephone interview (remember that for your vital Los Angeles trivia!).

Soon afterward, the quake-related Tweets subsided, and the town went back to sleep. Yes, there's the required "One in 20 chance of this being a foreshock to something larger (which diminishes each hour)" , but if you're a SoCal native like the Militant, you'll know right away that they say that for every quake.

Nothing to see here, move along!


Miles said...

Lasted more like 10 seconds in Atwater. Haven't been in a quake this size inside the house in what feels like a decade or more. Last moderate one, 5 something a couple years ago, I was in a skyscraper and we just rolled. Being inside a house, it's unnerving hearing the entire world shake. The dogs, of course, as usual, did nothing.

M. Bouffant said...

Wasn't as good/big as the one last April.

For up to the minute quake stuff, the USGS. They had the info by 0408.

Militant Angeleno said...

M. Bouffant: April? Which one was that? The last quake the Militant felt was the Chino Hills quake in July '08.