Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New At The Stadium: FRESH PAVING! WOO-HOO!

In recent years, the Dodger organization has brought some wonderful and awesome changes to our beloved 48-year old baseball cathedral -- the second-oldest stadium in the Major Leagues.

Dodger fans and visitors have been treated to all-new seats and renovated Field Level concessions and restrooms. Heck, they even installed bicycle parking...once upon a time.

In the 2008 season, the Dodgers unveiled an ambitious "Next 50" plan for the Stadium which would add physical enhancements to the stadium property while keeping the actual venue mostly intact.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, for the 2010 season the Dodgers are proud to unveil....

...fresh new asphalt in the parking lot.

Yes, True Blue fanatics! Upon entering the stadium you will see fresh, smooth new blacktop, free of potholes, and clean, bright markings on the road, lest you veer into the wrong lane! Life couldn't get more exciting than this!!!!!1


Oh who is the Militant kidding? In the 2008-2009 offesason, the organization was supposed to install a brand new HD Dodgervision screen and a new scoreboard. They attribute the long offseason and the World Baseball Classic in early 2009 as impediments to the construction timeline, which may or may not be true, but The Economy Thing might have something to do with it. And of course, there's...The Divorce Thing...

...Which is but one of the reasons this 2010 season isn't quite starting with the same level of excitement as the past few. Talk about a major buzzkill. That and the fact that there was no major offseason signing on the roster to get everyone excited (oh wait, Garret Anderson - woopee...) And the fact that the Dodgers are starting off their 2010 season at home with a 2-4 record - last place in the NL West. And when the hated Frisco Giants are in first place, you know that something is not right in the world (Y'know all those earthquakes the Earth has been having?).

Yes, the Militant will be there on Tuesday, taking the new Dodger Stadiun Express from Union Station, right after he gets off the Red Line from the vicinity of the Militant Compound. Yes, he will be clad in Dodger blue as usual, Yes, he may or may not partake in a Dodger Dog (though not his first for 2010). Yes, he will be cheering for his team at every defensive strikeout, diving catch and double-play, every hit and every run scored, cos that's how the Militant does it - and always done it.

But something just doesn't feel right this time around.

He just hopes the Boys in Blue can prove him wrong.

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