Monday, March 28, 2011

It's That Time Again...

The Militant took it upon himself (via a little Photoshop action) to cook up a parody of the Dodgers' "It's Time..." series of billboard ads for this season. This one was was a no-brainer. Feel free to download or share the full-size version here!

It's That Time Of The Year Again. In just hours, the preseason exhibition tradition known as The Freeway Series will commence - for the 49th year - where the Los Angeles Dodgers will square off against the California Anaheim Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Win or lose, it won't matter anyway since these games don't count (and neither will Wednesday's game against the Mariners). In less than 100 hours, the season becomes official with Opening Day vs. The Hated Frisco Gints (The Militant may or may not be there), which will be more like Opening Evening (Thank you ESPhuckingN). But all this just means that it's That Time Of The Year Again: The sight of freshly-cut Santa Ana Bermuda grass on the sacred Dodger Stadium field. The smell of Dodger Dogs wafting through the air. The sound of loud cheering when Andre Ethier hits the inevitable walk-off homer, or booing when Jonathan Broxton blows the inevitable save. The taste of overpriced beer and salty, greasy Gordon Biersch garlic fries. The warm-and-fuzzy feeling upon hearing Nancy Bea Hefley's organ chords swell through the Stadium's PA system for the first time this year. The unavoidable emotional rollercoaster that accompanies every winning and losing streak.

The Militant may or may not have a bad feeling about this. The proverbial eight-ton elephant in the room is the embarrassing reality show drama that is the McCourts. Dodger fans of all stripes have had enough, and they probably are as riled up as Tahir Square protesters on the streets of Cairo. Mubarak...Khadafi...McCourt. Sure has a ring to it.

Will our despot of professional sports finally be deposed? Will the Dodgers have a consistent catcher or left-fielder? Will the team even see First Place at any point this year? Will Donnie Baseball prove all the doubters wrong in his rookie managerial year? Will even Jameson Moss stop believin' at some point? So many unanswered questions.

But baseball season is just about here, Los Angeles. Here we freaking go again.

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@Yellowkid said...

My dream is that the people of LA could buy-out McCourt. I don't want the stadium sold off as commercial property.
In comparison, the O'Malley's seemed like saints and Fox... benevolent corporate angels. HA!
2011, we can dream and root from a distance.