Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Endeavour Withdrawals? Endeavour Yourself!

Endeavour totally wanted to enjoy CicLAvia. It's not a car, after all, right?

The Militant sat patiently today at the streetcorner, waiting for the space shuttle to arrive. But it did not come. Then he came to the sad realization that the entire kickass fun journey though the streets of Los Angeles (and Inglewood too) was over.


Yes, The Militant is already suffering from Endeavour withdrawals.

The Militant was there of course. But some of you may or may not have missed the fun. You might have been out of town, stuck at work, busy watching TV or serving time in jail. Whatever the excuse, it kinda sucks to not be one of the 1 million people who went to Shuttlepalooza this weekend.

Never fear, for The Militant is here!

Through the magic of Photoshop, you can "Endeavour Yourself" to make it look like you were there. In fact, even if you were there, you can make it look like the shuttle went to even more places around town. And if you were a famous traveler going back to your old hometown, wouldn't you want to visit even more places?

We can even start am "Endeavour Visits..." meme!

Consider the following:

Endeavour couldn't wait to go kayaking down the Los Angeles River

Endeavour wants to Go Metro.
Endeavour enjoys a fine day at Grand Park.
If you want to make your own "Endeavour Yourself"/"Endeavour Visits" meme photos, email The Militant at militantangeleno@gmail.com ad he will gladly send you the .PSD template file. Have fun!

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