Saturday, June 23, 2007

Militant Angeleno Gets Props from LA City Nerd

Revenge of The Nerd

Fellow Los Angeles blogger LA City Nerd gave this Militant Angeleno some props in his blog entry today.

The Nerd commented that he took offense about my assessment of other LA blogs, which isn't necessarily directed at his own, but hey, I'm just your everyday Militant Angeleno, trying to make it in this world (and educating the masses while freeing them from the oppression of East Coast Colonialism).

Promotion is a big part of getting The Militant's message out to the masses...hey, it's not what you know, and it's not even who you's really who knows what you know. So spread the word!

But overall I was flattered that The Nerd thought that I offered a fresh perspective that "covers a few LA stories not yet found in the blog mix of LA."

Most of all I get a link on his site as "LA Militant Nerd."

To that, The Nerd gets an honorary link in the "Rival Guerilla Factions" section (lower right) of this blog. Gracias, Salamat, Xie xie, Khawp khun, Shenorhagal em, Kamsahamnida, Thanks, LA City Nerd!

Zenyatta Mondodger

I'm also off to see The Police at The Stadium tonight! Can't wait to see that Sting hit a grand slam!


another US-born member of an unspecified immigrant community said...

good stuff. i look forward to reading more.

C said...

I definitely need to link you to my site. I will be home to my Los Angeles this July to see my parents once more.

Anonymous said...

>>I feel most other L.A. blogs, as celebrated as they are, show a decidedly white, transplanted gentro-hipster point of view of the city. As an American-born member of an unspecified immigrant community from an unspecified third world country, long ignored by traditional forms of media, I'm just tryin to represent.

How can you represent something that is unspecified?

Ad®ian said... needs a Rival Guerrilla Factions initiation.

Militant Angeleno said...

To anonymous:

I do not explicitly specify my ethnicity for two reasons: 1) If I did, knowing my particular ethnic group, they would be all up in my jock trying to tell me to cover this event and that event and make me their press relations dude. Sorry, Militant don't play that. 2) The white audience would simply piegeonhole me as (for example) "Guatemalan-American blogger Militant Angeleno" or "Cambodian-American blogger Militant Angeleno" or "Pakistani-American blogger Militant Angeleno" and not take much interest in what I have to say because they would assume I'm just a mouthpiece for a particular community.

I may approach things from a certain perspective, but my intended audience is everyone.

Besides, the mainstream media pays little, if any, attention to my particular ethnic group, so I might as well be "unspecified."

I'm sure one of these days I'd unintentionally give away my ethnic identity. And that's okay. I will cover my own ethnic community in this blog, but I will also cover other ethnic communities as well. I grew up exposed to several diverse cultures. Diversity for this Militant Angeleno isn't a buzzword, it's a way of life.

To be honest with you, I consider myself an Angeleno first before I consider myself a member of my ethnic group, or even an American.

I am, however, proud of being a member of my particular ethnic community and my experiences in that community, both positive and negative, make me the Militant Angeleno I am today.