Monday, June 2, 2008

Everyone Is Welcome

Skywriting is a difficult art, especially done with a single airplane. One must use precision, patience and speed, as the wind is already blowing out your first characters as you write your last. And there's no delete key or liquid paper up there, so you can't make any mistakes (Imagine if the Militant wrote a blog entry in the sky...No please don't.)

A single-lane skywriter rushed in the skies directly above the Miracle Mile area on Monday (pictured above) to show that everyone, regardless of chosen profession, is welcome here.

(Actually, the finished writing read, "WELCOME HOME TORI & DEAN." How sweet. Wait a minute. Oh no, not that Tori and Dean!" Ack!)


Elaine Dolalas said...

i was wondering what it said! i thought it sad "vote for tori & dean"

Militant Angeleno said...

Elaine: lol, Tori/Dean '08