Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Real Dodgertown: Casey Blake, Blake DeWitt

Continuing the Militant's on-going series on "The Real Dodgertown," where he attempts to amuse his readers with Los Angeles street signs whose names are the same as those of current Dodger players, the Militant is going 2-for-1 today.

In baseball, that doesn't make any sense, but you will get two players for the (free) price of one with this post.

The Militant roams around this City far and wide to do these kinds of things for y'all, so here it is:

Today's "Real Dodgertown" players are third basemen Casey Blake and Blake DeWitt!

Blake, as we all know, is the team's primary third-baseman, the first everyday hot corner occupant since that Adrian Beltre guy some five years ago. Acquired just before last year's trade deadline, the bearded former American League veteran has been one of the team's offensive and defensive constants this season.

The Militant took the picture of the "Casey Pl" sign off of Westmont Drive in northern San Pedro, and the "Blake Av" sign by Pirtle Avenue in Elysian Valley (a.k.a. Frogtown), just down the hill from The Stadium.

The team's other "Blake" 3rd baseman - Blake DeWitt (Incidentally, both of them sport a number "3" on their jerseys - Blake being #23; DeWitt being #33) , was best known as the minor leaguer, who, in 2008, got the call to be on the Dodgers' Opening Day roster, after Tony Abreu, Andy LaRoche and the brittle-boned Nomar Garciaparra were all on the disabled list.

In his first MLB at-bat, he got his first big league hit, and just weeks later got his first home-run. The phrase, "Is There Anything Blake DeWitt Can't Do?" was popular at the start of the 2008 season, with his first grand-slam projected for July, brokering Mid-East peace by October and curing cancer by December.

This season, he's racked up the most frequent-flyer miles of any Dodger in history as he spent most of this season being called-up (and re-called) to and from the minor leagues multiple times.

The Militant snapped the "De Witt Dr" (Okay, there's a space, but who's counting?) sign in the Cahuenga Pass area, off of Barham Blvd.

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Dedalus1947 said...

Keep those positive thoughts flowing. Especially with our pitching.

Go Dodgers!