Saturday, June 9, 2012

Victory Signs

The Militant wasn't kidding when he opened his last post, a paean to The Los Angeles Kings Fan, with a "May Or May Not" in terms of predicting a Stanley Cup clinch on Wednesday.

Now that the game has gone back on the road (which isn't a bad thing at all), and speaking of roads, The Militant noticed a couple street signs in town lately. As you know, The Militant is obsessed with our City's street signs. And then some. And this isn't the first time a sports team has been revealed through our City's street signs.

Along Beverly Boulevard, there is a "Kings Road" (pictured above) It takes 16 wins in the NHL playoffs to get Lord Stanley's Cup.

Since the Kings are playing the team representing the East, we head east. For 16 blocks, one block representing a playoff win.

So what street do we hit 16 blocks east of "Kings Rd?"

The Militant kids you not.

The Kings are also undefeated in Game 5s during the Playoffs.

We be gettin' the cup.

Go Kings Go!


Darla said...

I love this!!!!!!!!!!

George Vreeland Hill said...

3 games to 2.
Don't choke.

George Vreeland Hill