Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Militant Update: Oh Crap! It's Finally Ready...

Over a year since he first blogged about it, and
some eight months since he wrote about the last visible activity on it, the long-awaited JCDecaux automatic pay toilet at the (M) Vermont/Santa Monica Metro Red Line station is finally operational.

The Militant saw it while passing through the East Hollywood area en route to his compound this afternoon. In fact, he asked the maintenance dude on the right, "Is it ready?" and halfway through the Militant's question, he said, "Yeah, it's ready."

Let's face it, it's been a looong time since the Militant first leaked this out. He's sure that the more than 10,000 commuters who use that station daily will no longer have to hold in their enthusiasm and will no longer be as pissed-off. This thing is finally in the can, and you know when urine you're in for a treat when an urban transit amenity like that is finally ready for use. Especially people who just got off their bus or train after their daily toil. Let them have something to use that's a leg up over having no option at all. Finally the commuters who pass through the area will have room to rest. Perhaps there will be more of these in the City! It's like a movement, that's finally pushing through!

The Militant caught the rear end of the pay toilet (pictured left). Looks like a tardis of Dr. Who fame. Or rather, Dr. Loo?

So what's it like inside?

Stay tuned, loyal readers of militancy. The Militant's gonna TOFTT!

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