Monday, July 14, 2008

NEWSFLASH! They're Baaaaaack!

The train schedule info on the Metro Rail TransitVue screens hath returned. Looks like those little numbers ended their little strike and decided to go back to work this morning. An operative who works at Metro (Thanks, M.B.!) provided the Militant with this photo (pictured left). As you can see, it's in a more civilian-friendly time format, and they not only show the next train but the subsequent train as well. The Militant will hop on the (M) this afternoon to see it with his own eyes. Here's hoping the little numbers grew some more thicker skin this time around!

What a great way to celebrate the 18th birthday of the Metro Rail system! Now that it's old enough to vote, maybe it'll support the proposed sales tax increase this November to expand itself!


Sean Yoda Rouse said...

I saw the next train signs last night in North Hollywood and Pershing Square. Unfortunately, this morning, the next times were, once again, no longer there.

rogedog92 said...

Yo Militant, I concur with Sean... those signs are sporadic at the very least. It seems as if Metro is playing mind games with people to see them go bonkers with the insanity... sometimes they're on and sometimes they're off... and when they're on they're way off...(time that is, lol)

Simon said...

At least this indicates that they're still tinkering with the design.

I wish they didn't waste the entire screen on stupid scrolling safety messages, but adding multiple train times and limiting the list to only trains available on that platform are big steps in the right direction.