Friday, July 11, 2008

Where In The World...We Has A Winnah!

Militant congrats to reader Joey Terrill of Downtown, who successfully identified the Militant's "location" (for play's sake, not the location of his actual compound) in Tuesday's "Where In The World Is Militant Angeleno?" contest!

The location pictured above is in the community of...(drum roll)...West Adams! The scene pictured is on a little curvy street called Gramercy Park, near the corner of Adams Blvd. and Gramercy Place, just south of the 10 and west of Western Avenue. SOUTH LOS ANGELES REPRESENT!

Other guesses included the Cameron Woods neighborhood of Van Nuys (Deke Babamoto) and Country Club Park (Bert Green). Good gueses, but you oughtta know better! The Militant like totally threw you a curve there! The whole point was to show that the Southside is much more than just "da ghetto."

Joey wins a booklet published the City of Los Angeles entitled Your Government At A Glance, a 40-page primer on City government. It'll fuel Joey's militant knowledge on things like the meaning of the Los Angeles City Seal or the names and functions of all of the city's 42 departments and bureaus!

Congrats again, Joey and thanks for playing, gumshoes!

Doo wa, de-de-doo-day-ooo-wa...


Deke Babamoto said...

Keep this "Where in L.A." thing going, Militant! Get Metro to sponsor it and give monthly passes as prizes.

Mike said...

One minor landmark near there is the house used in that series Six Feet Under, which is on the corner of 25th and Arlington

Angel's Refugee said...

Awesome post. Definitely ought to keep this "Where in LA" thing going. I certainly thought it was somewhere in San Marino or Pasadena. Then again, you are the Militant! Not to mention that one of my good friends is from West Adams. Very cool stuff.