Thursday, August 21, 2008

From Germany to Manny: The Militant's Wednesday Dodger Experience

The Militant loooooves talking to tourists (no sacrasm there -- he is actually being sincere). Especially tourists in their first visit to Los Angeles, as he wants to make sure they have a positive experience here, and that their interaction with the Militant would similarly give them a positive impression of the people here.

On his way to Wednesday's Dodger game via the Dodgers Trolley shuttle bus, the Militant saw a trio of European-looking tourists speaking a language that's usually not heard round these here parts. But being a Militant traveler himself, he was able to discern that the language was Germanic in origin. An older woman snapped a photo of a younger couple sitting down on their car-end seat on the Red Line, and as the Militant politely moved out of the way of the camera's view, the female half of the young couple thanked the Militant in English.

So the Militant asked her if they were visiting from Germany. The young woman confirmed, and that it was their first visit, having already been here for two weeks, with a half week left in their visit. The Militant asked her what part and she replied, "Near Stuttgart." The Militant mentioned to her that he may or may not have visited Germany, and listed the handful of unspecified cities in Deutschland that he may or may not have visited (if indeed he has been to Germany). She told him they (herself, her boyfriend and her mother) were bound to Olvera Street, pronouncing it as if she was unsure of how to pronounce it, even though she pronounced it correctly anyway. The Militant mentioned that it was right across the street from Union Station, and also recommended they can also visit Chinatown, just a few blocks away. The young woman reiterated in Deutsch what the Militant told her.

As Los Angeles' own U-Bahn continued to zoom eastbound beneath the Westlake area, the young woman pointed to her Go Metro Summer Map and told her mutter in her native language, in a somewhat excited fashion, that Farmer's Market was right next to The Grove, suggesting another possible destination for them.

After they arrived at Union Station, the Militant told her to follow him to get to Olvera Street. But as they got into the main passenger station building, she asked him where to find the FlyAway bus. He pointed out the long Union Station passenger corridor, told her to reach the opposite end, and go upstairs to the bus plaza. Perhaps for the purposes of familiarity, they headed to where the Militant pointed that the Flyaway stop was. He wished them a nice visit and bid them, "tschüss." She smiled and said "tschüss!" in return as the group walked away (interesting to see that at least these tourists from overseas are able to get around town on transit, and are familiar with the transit system and related services).

A Militant Angeleno almost always has to be a tour guide, and an ambassador as well.

Runs? Not Very Manny.

The Militant has to apologize for being such a late bloomer to Mannymania. Wednesday night was his first foray into all that is #99, aside from seeing him hit some moonshots during batting practice during the great Coliseum game back in March. After Meeting up with Militant Operative Valleypinoy and two additional operatives, they boarded the Dodgers Trolley shuttle bus and landed in the Stadium grounds some ten minutes later.

In a game that had catcher Russell Martin on 3rd base and 3rd baseman Casey Blake on 1st, the game was pretty good until the 7th, when starter Chad Billingsley lost a decision when the Rockies tied it up, only to lose 4-3 in the 9th, committing four errors and knocking them further down the NL West ladder, two games in back of the Snakes. And for all the Mannymania, he only his 1 for 4 with a single. Great, just great (okay, now the Militant's being sarcastic). At least he was able to get a relatively close view of the Dreadlocked One from his left field Loge seat (pictured right).

Oh well, another game, another day. The Militant may or may not have an opportunity to see the Boys in Blue redeem themselves at today's day game...

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Cynthia said...

"A Militant Angeleno almost always has to be a tour guide, and an ambassador as well."

Well said, Militant!!