Friday, November 21, 2008

Ticket To Ride

Sometimes the Militant needs a little break.

No, not just from blogging (he's had many of those), but from the stresses and strains of Militancy. So he's taking a mini-vacation this weekend.

Gas is cheap, so does that mean the Militant will take a drive?

Aw, hell no! Everyone else will be driving, and he refuses to spend his time sitting in traffic with all y'all fools!

So he's taking the train.

The Militant has been on Amtrak a couple times before, once in the West Coast, another time in the East Coast. So this weekend he will go off to an unspecified location, and have a time. And he may or may not take his bike.

Of couse, when all is said and done, he will specify the location. So take extra good care of Los Angeles while the Militant is away. Maybe you can put on your walking shoes and do this on Saturday (the Militant would love to do that, but of course joining them might very well cause him to reveal his identity - especially in a group of bloggers...) If you're good, he just might make another Vlogstyle post!


philpalm said...

Train rides are not cheap but consider that gas is not the only cost when traveling by car. If your car broke down, your life could be endangered. I think the train has a better safety record compared to cars when traveling per mile.

Consider train riding is being chaufeured to your destination. You can catch up with sleep, conversation or use the internet in some cases....

Miles said...

the militant should be careful about what he posts on facebook. careful cross-reading might reveal that the militant was headed south...or not.

hope you have an enjoyable time away (again) from your city. come back refreshed.

Militant Angeleno said...

Miles: Not to worry, the Militant didn't mind revealing where he went once he left. Because if he revealed in advance, no doubt there would be legions of people (including his enemies) waiting at the platforms of Union Station for a glimpse of the Militant. That just couldn't happen.