Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Epilogue: Sometimes, You Get Something For Nothing These Days

Just hours after the Militant beyotched about the new price of a newspaper, while riding on the (M)etro-o-ooo, it seems the Angels of the City were smiling down on him and gave him a free copy...on the floor of a light rail car (pictured above).

Considering that the paper was free of footprints, food stains or any other unpleasant blemishes, good enough.

He read the paper on his ride and even shared the Sports section with a fellow passenger who asked about it.

And in the interest of good karma, the golden rule, blind reciprocation, etc., on the Metro ride back to his compound, after reading what he wanted to read, he left it, neatly folded, on the seat of his train, for another passenger to enjoy a 75-cent break of their own.

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Anonymous said...

fuck dodgers, drunken river plate, lovely space, cheers, MF gringo, belleza, pura pila el blo, una seda, de punta en blanco, salute you.