Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Logo Agogo!

The Militant, in consultation with his marketing-minded operatives, are currently executing a gradual updating of this site. The old logo is kinda played out, besides, he...kinda stole the "fist" logo off of a Google Image Search (Hey, time was of the essence, he needed to get the site up right away...). Now he's created his own icon, in the form of a monochromatic silhouette of his clench-fisted self. How freaking awesome can that be?

Anyway, he may or may not (No, really) settle on this logo design, or tweak with it in the next few days or weeks. If you're a diehard MA reader, he'll welcome your comments (But will ultimately go with his gut instinct in the end).


Nick said...
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Nick said...

Sure you want to mess with a classic? :)

Anyway, whatever you decide to do, you might want to use your new logo as a "favicon".

I haven't done this at 295bus yet, but I did it for my "frivolous blog":


Note the trolley in the URL bar. It also shows up as the button for posts if in RSS readers.

You can do it by editing your template; here's an article:


Militant Angeleno said...

295bus: NICE! Never thought that was possible! Militant Thanks!!!