Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What An "O"-pening Day!

For the third consecutive year, the Militant dropped what he was doing and made plans to be at The Stadium for the Dodgers' home opener. After all, where else would a Militant Angeleno be?

Now, a little over one year ago, the Militant was like totally wowed with the pre-game magic from the 2008 Golden Anniversary opener and wondered, "How can they ever top that?"

Well, despite a stellar performance from Oprah-endorsed Philippine wunderkind singer Charice belting out an "Oh say can you see?" to commence the Star-Spangled Banner, and an honored, yet, almost obligatory throwing out the honorary first pitch by Vin Scully, the magic wasn't the pre-game festivities.

It was the game itself.

Sure, beating the hated Giants isn't just a Dodger tradition, but a requirement. But the Boys in Blue just plain devastated the Giants 11-1. Oh yes, Andre Ethier knocked not one but two homers into the pavilions. And Chad Billingsley's 7-11 performance (seven innings and 11 strikeouts, that is) may very well be the clear realization of the ace pitcher everyone was trying to make him out to be.

But even the omniscient Great Dodger in the Sky couldn't have willed this one: new signee Orlando Hudson, who inked a single, a home run, a double and finally a triple to hit for the cycle and become the first Dodger in 39 years to accomplish that task! The Militant may or may not have even been born back then!

The Militant Witnessed History!

And so did 57, 098 others, who combined, formed the largest Dodger Stadium attendance - evar (of course, the Militant has attended at least four games where this superlative was announced, do they like add new seats or something?).

Not only that, but the Militant got a nice view in his Loge-level seat, did not, he repeats, did not have to wait in line in the concession stand for his beers and Farmer John All-Beef Super Dodger Dog (grilled, of course), and speaking of food, since the Dodgers won by more than three runs, the team made good on its promo promise and handed out free Jack In The Box Mini Sirloin Burgers (Yipee-yi-yay!!!) after Randy Newman blared in the stadium P.A. system.

The Militant also shared some Dodger chat (and frequent high-fives) with a season ticket holder seated next to him, who offered to sell the Militant for face value some tickets for games he can't attend later in the season (season ticket holders -- good kinds of people to know for any sports fan...). The Militant will, of course, take him up on that.

Yes, all was good in Dodgertown.

Okay, wait, not exactly. The Militant was frantically trying to send Twitter updates to little avail from his seat and can't get a stable cellphone signal. He can't even grab online baseball stats in time from his brand-spanking new 3G gizmo!

Oh well, Opening Day is all about the anticipation, the hope, the experience. So in that respect, unlike the hated Giants, Opening Day '09 did not fail.

Many came to see Manny.

Browne's "Berd" art installations hit Chavez Ravine -
and seem to look quite realistic these days!


Even more history...

This picture pretty much summed up the day.


Paul said...

what an amazing way to start the season, no? :D

295bus said...

11-1? Ouch!