Sunday, January 24, 2010

After The Storm: Pictures Of 'The Himalayas of Los Angeles'

It's been a dark and stormy several days, what with rain and floods and tornadoes and hail and rescued dogs. Rain is fine until you got some leaking in the Militant Compound, then it becomes not-so-enjoyable. The Militant didn't have the ability to go on any Militant adventures this past week; part of it was cleaning out his rain gutter, the other part was dealing with a very minor injury which may or may not have been weather-related.

In any event, one of the Militant's trusty operatives forwarded him this photo essay by SFV-based photographer Ken Lee (no, not that one), who went on a hike Saturday up the previously fire-ravaged San Gabriels (which he dubs "The Himalayas of Los Angeles") in Haines Canyon above the Verdugo Hills and takes some very stunning photographs (Three of his photos were chosen for the Los Angeles Times' Top 100 Travel Photos of 2009, so this guy seems to know his stuff!). Check 'em out!

Visit "The Himalayas of Los Angeles: Snow on the San Gabriel Mountains, Haines Canyon, Tujunga, CA - 23 January 2010"

Photo credit: Ken Lee.

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