Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fool Somebody!

The Militant normally puts on some really creative April Fool's gags on This Here Blog on this day. In 2008, he turned his blog into the "Extremist New Yorker" blog. In 2010, he may or may not have revealed his true identity as Indian-Indonesian-American blogger Alfred Mahanta. And last year, he posted a special video message and took off his mysterious bandana mask in front of the whole world.

This year, The Militant...well...may or may not have run out of ideas (he may or may not be saving the best for last...).

BUT...instead of giving you an expected gag post, he is about to empower you and give you a chance to prank Los Angeles!

Here's how to do it!

1. The above picture is a scan of a Standard-Issue Los Angeles parking ticket!

2. Click on the image, and save the image by right-clicking it (Save Image As...).

3. Feed your printer with a sheet of white card stock and print out the image!

4. Cut out the image, which measures 8.64" x 4.25".

5. On the blank side, you can write a personalized message, or something like "APRIL FOOLS, SUCKAAA!!!!!!!!!1"

6. Place on someone's windshield (Uh, make sure there parked on the street or in a City-owned parking doesn't work if their car is in the garage...) and enjoy!

You may print out as many "Parking Tickets" as you want!

Have fun, everybody!

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Scott Trimble said...

Or, just pay all of your own REAL tickets with online bill pay (being sure to include the citation number, of course) and then save the empty envelopes to use for future pranks on other people's cars.