Thursday, August 30, 2007

Take The Militant Challenge!

Wednesday was a day full of adventure. For lunch, he covered a local hole-in-the-wall (tipped off to him by the cool folks at like spackle, then performed a reconnaissance mission for a certain event in September, rounded up members of his militia as well as several trusted operatives to do battle against certain members of the GHP (and won), witnessed a robbery/assault while biking down the street (the Militant didn't see the robbery part though, but an LAPD squad car just happened to be in the right turn lane across the street, the suspect was arrested and the female victim and her baby were unharmed...but the Militant might be have to be called to court to testify on the witness stand), had dinner at a very hot Thai restaurant (in more than one sense) and cooled off at a nearby bar. Phew. And the Dodgers swept the Nationals.

Today was a good day.

Yes, the Militant could write more about his urban adventure in detail, as he is prone to doing. But some things are better left unwritten. And of course the mention of names and groups might therefore tip off people to the Militant's identity (Do not want!).

Besides, it's hot, it's humid, he's lazy.

But here's something -- the Militant has been flexing his artistic skills lately and played around with the banner up on the top of this here blog. Today he's made a "ransom note" collage made up of bits and pieces of famous Los Angeles signs and logos, from the present and past. Some are plainly obvious, some more obscure.

The letters are M, I, L, IT, A, N, T and A, N, GE, L, E, N and O. Two pairs of letters have been combined, so there are bits of 14 local signs/logos.

The first person to comment and identify the correct sources of all 14 gets to learn the Militant's identity.

No, just kidding. Actually, this is all for fun. Maybe he'll come up with a prize. Who knows?

So c'mon...step up to the challenge. You can't win if you don't play!*

*Please play responsibly.

Congratulations to Will Campbell for winning the first Militant Challenge! He receives an authentic 99 Cents Only Store Beach Ball.

Even though we have a winner, play this challenge for yourself to test your skills. The answers are in the #2 comment.


LA City Nerd said...

Missing two (but gotta get to work)...

M: Metro
I: First Interstate
L: Lakers
IT: Street Sign
A: Pantages
N: Wiltern
T: Staples Center
A: County Health Rating
GE: Dodgers
N: Byzantine-Latino Quarter Sign
O: Hollywood Sign

Will Campbell... said...

M: Metro
I: First Interstate Bank
L: Lakers
IT: City street sign
A: Pantages Theater
N: Wiltern
T: Gonna go with Staples Center, but at first glance it looks a bit like the Vista Theater sign

A: Health Department restaurant rating
N: Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood
GE: Dodgers
E: Eastern Building
N: Byzantine-Latino Quarter sign at Normandie and Pico
O: Hollywood Sign

Militant Angeleno said...


The Militant should have disqualified the two of you :)

But seriously, who else would have gotten this far?

Congrats, Will, for not only identifying all 14, but out-nerding the LA City Nerd. You win an authentic 99 Cents Only Store Beach Ball, as seen in Dodger Stadium (the Militant recommends you not actually use it at the stadium, but trusts a true Blue fan like you knew that already). Instead, though, you can use it at places like the line at the DMV, your new office job or even...gasp...the beach.

The fact that you won is actually a relief to the Militant, since delivering a prize to you will not be difficult, since he knows where to run into you anyway.

Will Campbell... said...

In accepting this honor I want to thank MA and all the members of the Academy of Militant Arts and Sciences, my mom, my wife, my bike, the entire city of Los Angeles, and last but not least the L.A. City Nerd who had he or she not needed to get to work would have certainly figured out the "N" and the "E."

My one question is about the "IT" in the street sign. It would be truly and militantly fitting if it was taken from Military Avenue in the Palms vicinity.

Militant Angeleno said...

Now that you mentioned "Military Ave..."


The "it" is actually NOT from a city street sign!

[Whispers from the Militant's attorneys...]

But since the contest has been called off (d'oh!) the Militant will have to let it slide.

It's actually a city designated community sign (Culled from "Central City.")

[More whispers from the Militant's attorneys...]

Okay, you can still argue that it's a sign, located on a street, owned by the city.

Will Campbell... said...

While I appreciate the semantic leeway your legal team has allowed... in all honesty (as given away by my inquiry about Military Avenue) I was totally thinking actual street sign and not a designated community sign.

I'm afraid I am honor bound to rescind all glory (but I'm keeping the beach ball dammit!).

M. Bouffant said...

Yo, Militant!! Where'd you get the First Interstate logo? (Which technically would be "FI," not just "I.") I spent some of the best years of my life as a wage-slave for those bastards, before they shipped my job to Arizona & laid me off.

The Hollywood Jedi said...

Hey Will, the Vista Theater in East Hollywood has green lights on one sign and white on the other. So it has to be from the Staples Center.

Will Campbell... said...

Exactly what I decided Hollywood Jedi.