Friday, April 15, 2011

Winner Of The Militant's Epic Militant CicLAvia Tour Announced!

This past Sunday's CicLAvia was so epic, the Militant was too blown away to blog for the past few days! He is sure that all 200,000+ of you who partook in such epic awesomeness had a great time, and that you're all geared up for the next one (just less than three months away)!

As you may or may not know, The Militant put on a little contest last Saturday to the first person who could take a picture of themselves with all 27 of the stops on The Militant's Epic Militant CicLAvia Tour! And The Militant is proud to announce that we have a winner!

Militant Congratulations to Steve Devol of North Hollywood for winning The Militant's Epic Militant CicLAvia Contest! He was able to take a pic of himself (well, okay, his bike-gloved thumb) at all 27 sites, and posted the photos on his Flickr site! He also has a sweet photoset of general CicLAvia pics taken Sunday that can be seen here! The Militant was impressed by his militant dedication and attention to detail, and he even commented to The Militant, "You love L.A. as much as I do, it seems." Wordup, Steve! It means a lot to The Militant to hear from Angelenos like you!! There needs to be more of you out there (to balance out those whiny self-centered transplants)!

Steve wins a Militant Prize Package consisting of the following:

1) An official CicLAvia poster!

2) A mint-condition, unopened Dodgers bobblehead of...uh now-former Dodgers pitcher Brad Penny (Hey, he was an All-Star, aite?)!

3) A Metro TAP card - that you can fill yourself at your nearby North Hollywood (M) station!

4) Your very own official Militant Angeleno camo bandana!

All prizes have a combined cash value of $25! That's a quarter of a $100!

Anyways, congrats again Steve and thanks to all who entered The Militant's Epic Militant CicLAvia Contest! Look forward to more of these! Staaaaay Militant!


The Maker Monk said...

Congratulations...with a prize package like that, how can you not be jealous! Nice pics on the Flickr site too...was surprised that there aren't swarms of people in the photos!

The Maker Monk said...

Wow - you said a prize, not a prize package! Had I known this much swag was at stake I'd have flown to L.A. myself!

Steve Devol said...
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Steve Devol said...

Glad you enjoyed the photos. I got some nice comments, people using a few on their sites and at least one workmate who said she spotted herself in one of my photos. Small town!
YouTube user morallor posted a very fine video montage of CicLAvia that is worth watching, btw.