Sunday, September 7, 2008

First At Last!

The Militant didn't wanna let this slip by without mentioning it. After five months, the Dodgers are finally in sole possession of first place in the National League West. Finally. After losing 8 games in a row, they effectively nullified that losing streak with an 8-game winning streak recorded this weekend as they completed an uber-important sweep of the Arizona Diamondbacks, whom the Dodgers constantly played a game of standings catch-up with for pretty much the whole season.

With just 19 regular season games to go, it's time to talk about magic numbers. As of today the number is also 19. N-n-n-n-nineteen. Any combination of Dodgers wins and D-backs losses will result in true pwnage of the Division. Go Blue!


cindylu said...

These close races get me so nervous. But I really do want to see the Dodgers in the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

Now the Dodgers are one-and-a-half ahead of the Dbacks. This is sweet!

Miles said...

I went to the game on Sunday and it was magical. Go blue!