Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Go Retro: Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

For natives and longtime Angelenos, she needs no introduction. Elvira, Mistress of the Dark's Movie Macabre, which featured kitshy, B-movie horror flicks, was a local staple on the old KHJ Channel 9 (now known as KCAL to all you n00bs) and was syndicated nationwide. She became a local cultural phenomenon - she played a cameo role in this Cheech & Chong video glorifying The Real Eastside, hung out with the likes of this dude, and was even a good personal friend of the Militant's high school English teacher. But none can compare with the Halloween of 1982 when she aired her first and only episode in 3-D: Over 2.7 million cardboard duo-toned shades were sold at local 7-11 stores and practically all of Southern California watched Elvira bust into their living rooms (pun intended). The YouTube clip above shows the intro to the 1954 3-D feature, The Mad Magician, which starred the now-dead Vincent Price (who, going along with this Halloween theme, did the "rap" for Michael Jackson's hit 1983 song, "Thriller").

Happy Halloween, Angelenos! The Militant will be dressing up as a hipster tonight. So if you see a hipster walk around Silver_Lake or Los may or may not be The Militant! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! (cough, cough, cough...)

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Danica Talos said...

ahhhh my favorite holiday. The only day of the year that I can be myself and nobody will judge me.