Monday, October 29, 2007

Yeah, I Tell Ya What...YOU'RE FIRED; Torre, Mattingly Head West

The reports are coming in!!! This page says so. Fantasy sports aggregator Rotoworld is reporting it. ESPN is reporting reports of it...can it be?

Looks like Frank McCourt is pulling a Donald Trump in telling beleaguered Los Angeles Dodgers manager Grady Little, "YOU'RE FIRED!" and hiring former Stankees manager and Brooklyn native Joe Torre, effectively following in the footsteps of another native Brooklynite - the Dodgers themselves - in moving to Los Angeles 50 years later. The Dodgers are reportedly also hiring former Stankee All-Star Don Mattingly as bench coach. True Blue fans already know that Mattingly's son, Preston, is an infielder for the Dodgers' Single-A franchise, the Great Lakes Loons.

The Militant blogged it first. Or he was one of the first. Whatever...UNLEASH!

Props to Militant Operative Blackbird for the tip-off.


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they need a big bat and a starter or two way more than a mager at this point...