Monday, October 1, 2007

Hey, Padres Fans!

Yeah, the Militant shouldn't have to be talking about baseball right now, especially about a game going on in another city, but at least there's some schadenfreude consolation in the eternally annoying San Diego Padres being eliminated from post-season play by the currently annoying Colorado Rockies during a 163rd-game todo-o-nada playoff to determine the NL Wild Card. Of course, this game might never have had to happen in the first place if it weren't for this guy. So maybe, in a way, Dodger fans need to give him some unintended props.

Remember Los Angeles Dodgers fans, the next time a Padres fan disses you, your team, your city, all of the above or a combination thereof, just ask them this one simple question:

"What's your favorite basketball team?"

There's a huge chance their quiet, feeble, shoegazing reply would be, "The Lakers..." It might even be "The Clippers..." Either way, they're guaranteed to STFU.


Anonymous said...

Conversely, some Sandy Eggan could ask, "and which is your favorite football team," and leave an Angeleno tongue-tied.

Just sayin'.

Forever Dodger Blue...always!

Militant Angeleno said...

Not really. The answer would most likely be, "The Trojans," "The Bruins" or even "The Raiders."