Friday, March 28, 2008

The Dodger Pregame Show

Monday might be a holiday (for many reasons) in the City, as the Los Angeles Dodgers initiate their big 50th Anniversary Season with the games that actually count, but tonight, Friday night, is the dress rehearsal, so to speak for The Stadium as gets ready to host its first-ever baseball game of the year, kicking off a three-game exhibition series against the Boston BoraSox.

The Militant, who biked there (and got to park his bike there as well) to pick up his Opening Day tix, snapped a few pix for all y'all.

Enjoy...(click to ginormnify)

Goodie bags o' swag lie in waiting in the front office lobby for some Dodger greats (top center is for "Steve Garvey"). As if they really need that stuff.

Boys in Blue on the field. Finally.

Stadium crews lay down the on-deck circle for the visiting Boston BoraSox.

Look closely. This is as clean as it gets, guys.

This year's Stadium banners. You might have heard of some of these dudes.

Scores of Frank-McCourts-in-training assemble just outside the gate before working the lots.

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