Friday, September 28, 2007

At Least We Got Free Blankets

Though the Militant has already coped with the death of the Dodgers' postseason hopes, he still had one more game to go to on Thursday night, courtesy of Militia operative Blackbird and a friend of his. Of course the Dodgers lost to the Rockies 4-10, courtesy of starting pitcher Esteban Looza and the Las Vegas 51s. It might as well have been the Rockies playing against the 51s.

It was a totally depressing atmosphere, even to the point of Olmedo Saenz -- once a pinch hitter that offered a glimmer of hope to the games -- getting a "yeah, whatever" from the Militant whenever he stepped up to the plate. Looks like no one at The Stadium this year got to see that "Saenz Killer Tomato" parody ketchup bottle graphic they used to flash on the Diamondvision screen back when he was a good pinch-hitter. Even the usual canned "Charge!" cheers, the spirited three-boom clap or the en-masse "Let's Go Dod-gers!" five-clap chant was either missing or done in meager amounts. To make matters worse, the concession stand sold the Militant a Louisiana Hot Link dog with an undersized bun. WTF? Even his Gordon Biersch Garlic Fries, was lacking in the usual amount of garlicky goop slathered on top of it.


The only silver lining in this pale blue cloud was seeing '70s/early '80s-era Dodger greats Steve Garvey, Ron Cey and Dusty Baker (now free from wearing the uniform of some lame team) throw out the ceremonial first pitch(es) (pictured left). That, and free fleece "LA" logo blankets given to the first 50,000 fans (which, in its rolled-up form, made a great lumbar cushion in those plastic seats).

But the Militant saw this season go full circle, beginning with a Rockies game on Opening Day and ending with a Rockies game...and racking up an "L" in both. At least the Militant doesn't have to hear Dodger Stadium PA announcer Eric Smith announce uber-annoying Rockies player names like "Troy Tulowitzki," "Ryan Spilborghs" or "Yorvit Torrealba" for the next several months. Eugh. Annoying!

As depressing and futile as it was, the Militant will make it loud and clear that he arrives before the National Anthem and sticks around until the very end, win or lose. So to all of you transplant types holding broad brushes who diss all Los Angeles Dodgers fans for "arriving in the 3rd and leaving in the 7th," Suck it and STFU.

And to those of you who perpetuate the stereotype, you can suck it with them.

The Militant Angeleno may be disappointed and angry at this year's Dodger team, especially at what it has become, but he will always be a True Blue Dodger Fan. And don't you damn forget it.


Miles said...

Go Dodgers. I'll be there on Sunday.

Miles said...

Oy vey, the game Sunday stunk. It may have been the worst played Dodgers game ever...and we didn't win a thing. But the super grilled Dodger Dogs rocked.