Saturday, September 1, 2007

'The End of An Era' Continues...

[Reader 1: WTF is up with all these Militant Angeleno posts today? It's freaking LABOR DAY WEEKEND! What is that dude doing behind a computer?]

[Reader 2: I don't know who this Militant dude is, but whoever he is...HE'S GOT NO LIFE!]

[Reader 1: LOL!]

[Reader 2: ROTFL!]

When the Militant got done submitting his Lowenbrou Keller post (started on Thursday night but languished in the draft queue due to Militant fatigue), he started a new tag: "The End of An Era," knowing that, just like the Pacific Electric, Marineland of the Pacific or even Pup N Taco, things in this changing city can eventually go away.

Well, trusted operative and militia member The Hollywood Jedi recently mourned the impending loss of the Back to the Future Ride this weekend at Universal Studios Hollywood (which we all know is located in unincorporated Los Angeles County territory, but even freaking Rancho Cucamonga is "Hollywood" to all them non-Californians). He even lamented the recent closing of The Old Spaghetti Factory on Sunset Blvd. Aside from wondering where else he can find Spaghetti with Browned Butter and Mizthra Cheese, the Militant wonders whatever happened to that Pacific Electric Red Car inside the restaurant.

But to paraphrase the old Chinese proverb that goes, "Whenever something you love leaves you, it's only making room for something even better," when you read the Jedi's Back To The Future Ride post, it might make you excited about the might even want to make you say, "Woo-Hoo!"

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The Hollywood Jedi said...

Well said my militant padawan.