Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Silver Lake Kind of Day

The Militant ventured out on two wheels on a warm early Fall Saturday to nearby Silver Lake (remember, two words, not one...) where he discovered he had landed in the middle of a bevy of events for the community. A one-day only trial DASH shuttle bus service ran, free of charge, to test out a proposed Silver Lake DASH route and to provide intra-community transit to various events on a day the community dubbed, "Silver Lake Day." The circular bus route took riders to the groundbreaking ceremony of LAPL's new Silver Lake Branch Library on Glendale and Silver Lake boulevards, the Silver Lake Farmer's Market on Sunset and Griffith Park and two polling places for an election of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council - at Micheltorena St. Elementary School and Bellevue Recreation Center (of course, the fact that the actual vehicles used in the service were those vapid faux-"trolleys" irked the Militant, who staunchly believes that buses should look like buses and not made to "cross-dress" into cutesy wannbe trolleys -- which lack steel wheels that run on actual tracks and an electrical pickup trolley pole (which is what an actual "trolley" is named after), but since it was just for a day only, the Militant will let it slide).

The Militant, being a community-minded kinda dude, was curious as to this election and decided to drop by and check it out at the Bellevue site. A side room of the rec center was converted into a polling place (pictured right). From the looks of things, it was primarily longtime community folk who participated in the voting process and not the everyday Silverlake [sic] gentrohipster types usually seen roaming Sunset Junction and getting their Intelligentsia Coffee on. Of course, the hipsters probably think they're "too cool" to care about the neighborhood in anything beyond a superficial manner anyway, so no big loss there. The Militant cannot divulge whether or not he was a qualified stakeholder of the neighborhood council and participated in the election, but hypothetically speaking, if he indeed was, he would have no doubt casted his vote. Of course, like one of his trusted Silver Lake-based militant operatives, the Militant would only vote for candidates that would spell the community's name properly.


The Hollywood Jedi said...

Rumor has it Jedi Master Box was seen at the Micheltorena St. Elementary School polling place.

Valleypinoy said...

Hey Militant...hipsters care about their community too. They'd gladly join forces with the GHP on issues that would rid their neighborhoods of working class immigrant families!