Friday, November 30, 2007

The Blogosphere Expands

Some five-and-a-half months ago (is that it? seems like forever), the Militant Angeleno burst into the scene and the Los Angeles blogosphere hasn't been the same. The Militant is also a legend in his own mind.

But seriously, the purpose of the Militant is to deliver a voice that's usually never heard, to feature perspective, communities, people and urban adventures many people never even consider.

But the blogosphere is one symbiotic environment. Other blogs like the now-dormant, reportedly formerly-anonymous (!) Los Angeles City Nerd (don't bother clicking, nothing's changed since when you last been there...) and Ed Fuentes' observant Downtowner blog View From A Loft deserve tons of props for initially spreading the word about the Militant's presence, as well as the other blogs listed in the blue box to the lower right side of this here page.

So it's only fitting, that the Militant, now a part of this symbiotic eco-systemic biosphere environment universe thing, do his part and give props to some other newer blogs that deserve attention.


The first is MetroPed (, a site run by a dude named Anh and a dudette named Meghan who are both active bicycle commuters and participate in the city's growing bicycling community. The site recently came to the Militant's attention via an unspecified member of the Hollywood chapter of the Los Angeles Burrito Project.

According to the site, "Metroped is a blog dedicated to bicycling, pedestrian, and public transit advocacy in Los Angeles. In a vast city ruled by the automobile, we will strive to explore the many facets of using alternative modes of transportation, in the hopes that readers will be encouraged to leave their cars at home, reduce fossil fuel consumption, and become involved in an ongoing dialog about improving our quality of life on this planet."

The latest entry to date features some upcoming bike rides, but most importantly thje recognition that bicycle culture is growing in the City. "Is it the fact that bicycles and bike culture are becoming “hip” and “stylish?" the blog asks. Who knows? But if this is the newest trendy thing, then so be it. It's probably the best urban trend here since...breakdancing (uh, that probably dates the Militant's age right there...).

The blog began on November 12 and initially looks like a cross between MetroRiderLA and, most of the posts are about upcoming events. But hopefully we'll get to see more perspectives and stories from the saddle (and the sidewalk and subway) and advocacy pieces. Of course the blog's identity happens (and evolves) over the course of time, and even the Militant himself is still experimenting with different approaches and focuses (focii?). But the Militant, being a multimodal kind of person, sees the potential there, and will be looking at their career with great interest.

Fly The Chicana Skies

The other featured blog is written by an LA transplant - of a totally different kind.

The vast majority of Los Angeles blogs are written from the point of view a (usually relatively new) transplant from points east who blog their discoveries, observations, generalizations and hangups in dealing with what really is culture shock. So what happens when you take a Los Angeles native out of the Southland and bring them "Out East?"

Chicana Skies ( describes itself as, "The musings of an LA native recently uprooted to Philadelphia." Apparently the (anonymous) Angelena blogger is 20-something, Chicana (duh :)) and who is out there to attend school at an unspecified institute of higher learning in Southeast Pennsylvania.

She also has only been blogging since mid-November but she's already been to NYC and Jersey and offers the unique perspective of a Los Angeles native dealing with life Out East, blogging her discoveries, observations, generalizations and hangups in her own culture shock.

She started out as a commenter on this here blog. Her latest entry discusses the varying perspectives between people of different regions (and climates) regarding the Fall season and observes that many East Coasters have a "Manifest Destiny" mentality that remains with them (and especially so) when they transplant themselves west. Militant approved!

She hasn't been posting too much, but cut her a break - like LA Bus Girl, she's focused on her studies (we hope!) and blogs whenever her busy schedule allows her. If the Militant were Batman (in many ways, he is...well except for the wealthy part), then Chicana Skies is Batgirl.

Honorable Mentions

Some other honorable mentions -- Chimatli, also a frequent reader of the Militant, has actually been blogging since April and brings another (real) Eastside voice to the table. The Hollywood Jedi is a community blog written...from a Jedi's point of view, which also employs terminology from the Star Wars universe. Also from that part of town, Hijo de E-Ho is written by a community leader from East Hollywood who's writing about all the cultural events, development and streetlife in his 'hood. An unspecified number of those just- mentioned bloggers may or may not be operatives of the Militant, but he will likewise protect their operative identities as they have protected the Militant's. The Militant also hopes they get off their asses and try to blog more frequently, since he digs their perspectives on their respective communities!

The Militant does not know whether this here blog was an inspiration for any of the aforementioned bloggers to get-get crackin', but regardless, he's still proud - and glad - we have some more voices that deserve to be heard.


Raven said...

Is that license plate a clue as to the way to best uncover the Militants true identity?

Militant Angeleno said...

Raven: It may or may not be.

Raven said...

How did I know you were going to say that?

Militant Angeleno said...

Raven: You may or may not be psychic.

chimatli said...

Thanks for the props! I better get started on another post now... :)

Ed said...

I may, or may not, be glad to see you soar in popularity beyond me. Keep up the good work.

philpalm said...

Ack, in order to post comments people can see blogging history of the commentors.

I crudely mimic your blog, but hey practice makes perfect. I have another life in various forums and I do not try to be trollish there either.

Oh the main topic, you give props to your enablers and inspirations, all well and good, though your sports oriented topics is not too fine with me...

Anh said...

aw, thanks for the kind words, sir! we are still in "testing the waters" mode, but MetroPed plans on infiltrating urban planning workshops, city council meetings, and possibly even the department of transportation and mta offices for some interviews.

we are also open to contributing writers, *wink* *wink*.

chicanaskies said...

Hey, thanks for the shout-out! What an honor. Because I am new to this blog thing, I have to remember to make posts and not let my thoughts on a topic evaporate and slip through my fingers.

Although I will make a slight correction to your (understandable) assumption: I am not attending school Out Here. :) I did that in the Southland.