Saturday, November 10, 2007

Graf Of Ages

Taking a cue from's "ICME" (It Caught My Eye) series, while the Militant took his taking-advantage-of-the-clear-sunny-day afternoon stroll, the sight of a building under construction in Hollywood on Santa Monica Blvd near Serrano Ave caught his eye. Sure, buildings get built all the time in development-targeted Hollywood, but apparently this building is being constructed on a formerly-empty lot which afforded taggers and graffiti artists alike to spray their wares - only to have it covered by the adjoining structure.

The Militant, who has been described by some as having the Native American-like ability to think seven generations towards both the past and the future, wonders whenever this new building sees the wrecking ball (in favor of overpriced market-rate so-called "loft" apartments - probably not more than one or two generations away), the urban archaeologists of the future will notice the then-antiquated aerosol markings made by those in a bygone era. That is, if the adjoining building doesn't get hit by the wrecking ball (or a large quake) itself. Only time will tell...

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