Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Militant Goes Where He's Kneaded Most

Being a Militant has its rewards - like experiencing the City with a perspective and an appreciation few can have - but it also has its challenges. Yes, being a Militant - especially one who is heavily involved in his city and community - can sometimes be busy, stressful and hectic. So taking a cue from The Simpsons' Ned Flanders, "Sometimes you just gotta spoil yourself...spoil yourself...spoil yourself..."

And that the Militant did.

One of the Militant's Valley-based operatives is a licensed massage therapist and pays her a visit at least twice a year, and this was visit number two for '07. So on Wednesday evening, the Militant headed to her Ventura Blvd. office in Encino. But he soon realized that the timing of the visit wasn't the greatest, traffic-wise, as the 101 was rather slow. But the Militant didn't care, as he would soon indulge himself in total relaxation.

"Bring it on!" the Militant said to the traffic.

In hindsight, it wasn't that bad, it took the Militant about 45 minutes to get from his compound to Encino.

For the next hour and a half, in a dimly-lit room with calm, new-agey music playing in the background, the Militant's tense muscles were being worked on by the masseuse operative. Especially his right arm, which was injured during a well-publicized bicycle accident. She told the Militant that he really needed to be kneaded as his lower back and shoulders were so tight and tense, she had to spend extra time working on them, only to discover that the clock was ticking and she had to go work on other areas. So maybe all that biking and blogging really takes its toll on the body.

The Militant left her office nice and relaxed, and wished he didn't have to go (damn you, time!). She reminded him to make sure he's getting an adequate supply of vitamins these days, as the weather's getting colder and people tend to get sick because of that. The Militant also stopped by a Rite-Aid on Ventura and got a big-ass bottle of water, just to ensure all those toxins get flushed out.

The Militant drove the rest of the way home, not on the freeway, but strictly down Ventura, where he realized the street probably comprised the world's longest restaurant row. The flow was even and easy and it took him right into Cahuenga through The Pass and into Highland where he took an unspecified street back into the compound.

Even for an urban-embracing Militant, it's worthwhile to take some time out and ease yourself from all the tensions and stress of city life. So, for your own sake, make it a point to once in a while just spoil yourself...spoil yourself...spoil yourself...

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