Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happy 80th, Vinnie!

So the exhibition game at the Coliseum will be on March 29 against the World Champion Boston BoraSox, and Chan Ho Park has decided to play for the Korean Olympic team instead of returning to the Dodgers, and A-Rod's 10-year $305 million contract won't put us in the red had he worn Blue, but today we're celebrating something.

The man who's been with the Dodger organization longer than anyone, the man, who along with the late Chick Hearn, spoiled Los Angeles sports fans for generations with their untouchable play-by-play and rendered any other broadcaster as unsatisfactorily mediocre by comparison, the man who even inspired X-Files creator (and Dodger Fan) Chris Carter to name a main character after him, is celebrating his 80th birthday today. Happy Birthday, Vinnie!

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Miles said...

Nobody's better or a better gentleman in Baseball. Happy Birthday, Mr. Scully!