Friday, May 31, 2013

A REAL 'Taste Of The Eastside'

About a month ago, there was a certain unspecified food festival that took place in a location that was not located East Of The Los Angeles River that had the audacity to use the word "Eastside" in its name. Now, if you've been reading This Here Blog for a long time, you May Or May Not Know Damn Well Know that certain geographically-clueless gentrifying forces have co-opted the "Eastside" name with no regard to the people who live on the East bank of the Los Angeles River who have taken pride in their regional identity for decades longer than the faux-Eastsiders have even been here. And of course, The Militant has had his own well-publicized say in all of that.

But here's some good news, this Saturday, June 1, get to go to a REAL Eastside festival, which takes place in Boyle Heights, and see what The Real Actual Authentic Puro Eastside is all about (the wannabe Eastsiders just call it "Chololand" or don't even acknowledge it exists). It's the 2nd Annual Eastside Community Festival, which takes place at the campus of the Neighborhood Music School, a 99-year old Eastside educational arts institution. Have authentic, inexpensive Eastside-made food, have a chat with REAL Eastsiders and learn about the organizations that work hard to build real, hipster-free community activities, such as PUENTE Learning Center, Alma Family Services, the East Los Angeles Community Corporation, our mobility amigos at Streetsblog Los Angeles (who DO know where The Eastside is), and more. But the biggest whammy of them all is the participation of the world-famous Eastside phenomenon Caine's Arcade, which will set up some games and certainly sell some Fun Passes for the day. Dude, Caine's Freaking Arcade! No faux-Eastside event can claim THAT!

So come one, come all, it's FREE, and not only that, but it's transit-accessible! Take the Metro Gold Line to the Mariachi Plaza station, and walk three blocks south on Boyle Ave. Or better yet, ride your bikes down 1st Street and head down Boyle! There May Or May Not be bike parking, but you'll find a way. Besides, it's been a long-ass time since The Militant has plugged an event, much more written a blog post! See you or not see you there!