Monday, June 16, 2014

A 'Big F'In Day' In Los Angeles!

This may or may not be the actual Stanley Cup.
Mondays are usually full of suck, but not today! For it was only on the opposite end of this past weekend that our Los Angeles Kings beat the New York Rangers to win the 2014 Stanley Cup - not only their second franchise title, but their second in the past three years. Thus, it was time for another parade. Much like last time around, it went down Figueroa Street from 5th to Chick Hearn Court and culminated in a large indoor ceremony open to some extremely lucky Kings fans who had tickets to the event.

Click to watch the 2014 Stanley Cup Championship Parade in its entirety!

The parade itself was very brief, less than 5 minutes long, but it was a perfect day in the city -- happy people celebrating and congregating on the streets of Downtown Los Angeles, most of whom took transit here (Kings fans, since their team started playing at Staples Center in 1999, have always been great at taking transit to their games, unlike their Lakers counterparts, who still insist on filling parking lots and not representing nearly as much as the Silver & Black ones on the subway). After it was over, it was time for Kings fans and Downtown workers alike to have lunch in DTLA, it was a great day for the DTLA economy as well. Best of all, no one caused any trouble, both today and on Friday night.

It looks like the Lakers' younger brother has taken the crown (no pun intended) as Los Angeles' newest sports dynasty. With a young team and a coach who actually knows how to win titles (we're looking at you, any coach who's last name isn't Sutter), we can expect a few more of these in the near future.

Savor it, Kings fans, because it's a big f'in day.