Sunday, February 6, 2011

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?!?!? (No, really, are you ready?)

The Militant is about to head off to a big Super Bowl™ party at an unspecified location! But not far from that location is what may or may not be the site of a future Super Bowl™, or even more, the home of what may or may not be Los Angeles' next NFL team.

Farmers Field was the other big football story this week, but its strategically-timed announcement no doubt got Angelenos talking. Certainly it's stolen the proverbial thunder from Ed Roski's so-called "Los Angeles" Football Stadium project, slated to add to freeway traffic and suburban sprawl in that great town of much culture and excitement, the City of Industry (Are you ready to root for "The Los Angeles _______ Of The City Of Industry?" The Militant didn't think so).

On Friday, the Militant jumped into his time-travel machine and stood on the turf of Farmers Field!

Okay, he didn't, but he did stand on a replica field set up at LA Live to promote the proposal, complete with large renderings and a Farmers Insurance bus and a live Hot 92.3 FM broadcasting van. The display will be up until Sunday, so check it out if you're in Downtown.

Now truth be told, the Militant isn't much of a football fan, with the exception of cheering on his unspecified local Pac-10 Pac-12 team (GO [withheld]NS!), but part of that is the Militant's bitterness towards the NFL for snubbing The City of Angels for over a decade and a half, especially their ghettophobic insistence of not wanting to consider any proposal for the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

But Farmers Field has a lot of people talking, especially how it will be for our re-emerging Downtown. Sure there are concerns about parking and whatnot, but the stadium will be directly served by two (M) light rail lines and perhaps something more. Even with that, people will still bitch, whine and yap about parking and traffic, but you know what, what's what you expect from a vibrant Downtown.

The Militant doesn't really care for naming rights either, but hey, do you really think of office products when you hear the name "Staples Center?" Does it want to make you go out and buy printer ink cartridges, Post-It notes or that little foam "Easy" stress button? Actually, unlike the office products store or that big-box home improvement retailler, Farmers Insurance is a native Los Angeles company, established here in 1928 to insure the vehicles of those in the then-booming agricultural industry of Southern California. Maybe we can take this further - maybe they can re-locate the South Central Farm nearby? Maybe on non-game days they can host a big-ass FARMERS market at the stadium. The Militant isn't even the only one who's thought of that.

Of course, the big stick in the mud is the $350 million AEG's Tim Leiwicke is asking the cash-strapped City of Los Angeles to fork over in bond money to construct the stadium. We've been down that road before. But if people are truly serious, in this City of famous-ass people and the second largest sports and media market in the USA, private investors will come out of the woodwork (Quick, call Hugh Hefner!) Surely that bond figure could stand to drop like Brett Favre's future NFL career plans. But regardless if Farmers Field will happen, or another plan later will work, NFL deserves to be played in Downtown Los Angeles. The Dodgers, Lakers, Kings, Clippers and USC Trojans all play within a 5-mile long corridor (and with a possible soccer stadium replacing the Sports Arena to add to the mix, maybe the Los Angeles Galaxy can get their kicks Downtown (The Not-Los Angeles Chivas USA can stay down in Carson for all the Militant cares). In this City, long accused of being "Sooooooo Spread Out," a concentrated sports and entertainment corridor is something that will finally pwn those who utter that cliched statement.

As for the Super Bowl™, the Militant is cheering for the team whose name ends with "ERS!" GO ERS!

Actually he doesn't really care about who wins. He just wants to eat!

Super Bowl™ is a registered trademark and only the NFL and approved sponsors of the Super Bowl™ are able to use it. The Militant isn't one but he still thinks the name Super Bowl™ should be fair use because it's freaking stupid how other commercials and other media outlets have to substitute Super Bowl™ with "The Big Game" or the like. Come on now. But this disclaimer is in place as a way for the Militant to declare, "Please don't sure the Militant!" He doesn't have that much money anyway. And if he did, he'd invest in Farmers Field or buy the Dodgers or something. Peace out.

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