Wednesday, August 29, 2012

'Gangnam' Bangin'

It seems like the totally random viral hit song "Gangnam Style" by South Korean rapper PSY has taken the entire world by storm. Of course, in the city with the largest number of Koreans outside of Korea, we're representin' this meme in full force!

The artist made a surprise Dance-Cam cameo at a recent Dodgers game, with Dodger fans doing the video's trademark horse-riding dance in the stands while PSY himself did his thang, and the crowd made more noise than a Matt Kemp solo homer.

The infectious dance hit about a 30-something dude diggin' on younger, materialistic, coffee-sippin' sexy ladies in Seoul has spawned a bevy of parody videos, but this one made The Militant proud. It's called "K-Town Style"(done as a promo for an upcoming K-1 martial arts match event) and, as you guessed it, is filmed entirely in Los Angeles' Koreatown district. You'll see some familiar places, like Seoul International Park, the Solair building and the (M) Purple Line standing in for the subway scene (That's gotta be The Militant's favorite part!). The parody song (performed in English) is kinda awkward, but the video is pretty epic!

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