Friday, January 4, 2008

Garcetti, Chick Backs Barack

Around 150 local supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama rode high on the previous night's caucus ruckus and staged a small noontime rally Friday at the historic Farmers and Merchants Bank of Los Angeles building in Downtown's Old Bank District.

The program, organized by campaign staffers and led by Los Angeles City Council President Eric Garcetti and City Controller Laura Chick - both active Obama supporters - was designed to energize and solicit campaign volunteers and precint leaders leading into the February 5th California Primary election. Supporters of The O chanted and waved signs, while the Militant also spotted some of his operatives who work in unspecified positions in City government there.

The event also featured Echo Park-based local reggae DJs Aurelito and Shakespeare from the I&I Sound System to provide some musical background (their trademark ice cream truck was parked on Main street, adorned with Obama signs).

The rally, originally scheduled to take place outside of City Hall was moved to the lobby of the 103-year old Classical Revival-style historic cultural monument due to rainy weather.

So does this reveal the Militant's primary election leanings? The answer is - of course - it may or may not. Draw your own conclusions (One thing's for sure, the Militant is not a Ron Paul supporter -- he doesn't spend his time playing video games all day and he has been kissed by a girl before. But he would support Sean Paul for President, though).


Anonymous said...

Just to clarify, does this mean Eric G is jockeying for a vice presidential nod? Because the mayor sure seems to be trying to get on the theoretical Clinton ticket.

Either way, it's a fight of council vs. mayor, just like the days of old. (That is, before the appearance of peace and love at city hall.)

Militant Angeleno said...

Anonymous: In all likelihood no; according to the Militant's operatives, Garcetti's post-Council aspirations seem to be pointed towards U.S. Congress (or Mayor, but more likely congressman).

Also, regarding Villaraigosa's aspirations in a Clinton presidency, they seem more realistically rooted in a cabinet position than that of Veep.

fatpinkchicken said...

The best way to get page views is to use Ron Paul's name... lol.

Anonymous said...

Apropos of nothing, I just want to say that I wish Laura Chick would team up with Eli Broad on some initiative or other. The headlines would be awesome :)