Monday, March 23, 2009

Contest: Where In The World Is Militant Angeleno? #2

It's been a while wince the Militant did this, no?

Let's sing along again!

Doo wa, de-de-doo-day-ooo-wa
Doo wa, de-de-doo-day-ooo-wa
Well he sneaks around the town from Pico to Parthenia
He's an unspecified blogger from Brentwood to Boyle Heights
He'll take you for a ride on his bike in Pasadena
Tell me where in the world is Militant Angeleno?

Steal their Seoul in Koreatown, to an Allesandro alley
From Palms to Magnolia they'll just be all up a tree
He takes the Metro from San Pedro to the San Fernando Valley
Tell me where in the world is Militant Angeleno?

He'll go from Northridge to South Gate, from West Hills to East Los
Compton to Rancho Cucamonga -- and back!

Well he'll mow down your Lawndale and water your Gardena
Then turn on the power of Watts and set a Firestone
From down in Redondo to up in Altadena
Tell me where in the world is Militant Angeleno?
Tell me where in the world is Militant Angeleno?

Alright gumshoes, time to find the Militant! Well, he's hard to find actually, but you can at least find out where he's been. The photo above shows part of a mural in an unspecified location in an unspecified part of town. Your job, gumshoes, it to specify it!

The first person to correctly identify the community/neighborhood in the photo above wins a prize!* Email your answer to: militantangeleno at gmail dot com.

Here's a clue: You'll never find a mural like this in the Westside, but it's not in the Eastside either! Though, this wall is facing the west.

Now get to work, gumshoes!

*Only emailed entries will be considered. If you have won a contest from the Militant before, you are not eligible (you know who you are...).


fatpinkchicken said...

This sort of looks a lot like a mural at a school near MacArthur Park, but I don't think I will walk over there to check any time soon, sadly.

Anonymous said...

You're a very clever and witty writer. I like you. But I'll remain anonymous for now.

Signed -
Militant FANgeleno

bgfa said...

I give up.

Anonymous said...

This mural is in the Westlake district..or possibly the Pico-Union or even Koreatown area?

babamoto said...

OK, we have no idea. Pls. giveitup. Where is it?