Friday, February 4, 2011

A 'Grand' Ol' View

A few weeks ago, the Militant bitched about a street in the Westlake district called "Grand View Avenue" and how it didn't really have much of a grand view, especially backinthaday.

Well, after exploring Downtown Los Angeles on Friday afternoon, he came upon one such view. Now, normally the Militant isn't fond of much things car culture-related, but after ascending the elevator to the roof of the 14-story Grand Avenue Garage on Venice and Grand, he found it (pictured above).

Now take a look at that - the Downtown Los Angeles skyline, flanked by its newest skyscraper on the left, the 54-story Ritz-Carlton Tower (completed last year), and one of its oldest skyscrapers on the right - the 32-story AT&T Center, built 1965. And in the background? The glorious San Gabriel Mountains, with Mt. Wilson's promontory looming above. And to the right (out of the view of the picture), the snowcapped Mt. Baldy.

The parking garage is easily accessible; there's an entrance off of Venice Blvd, and the escalator bank is right there towards the north end of the building. Just punch "RF" and you're there in a few seconds!

You also get a grand view of the Westside, the Eastside (the real one) and the South Bay. The Santa Monica Freeway runs right below you on the south side, and a couple blocks past it, the Metro Blue Line looks like a model train on Washington Blvd.

On this day there was nary a car parked on the rooftop. But right at the middle of the rooftop, there is a helicopter pad, built just two years ago, serving both bougie corporate execs (thought gotta love 'em for avoiding traffic, lol) and emergencies at the nearby California Hospital.

When The Militant was snapping pics of the skyline, another Angeleno - perhaps almost as militant - came up on the stairwell for the same purpose - to take photos of the skyline. He pointed his iPhone northward and also showed The Militant some of his other Los Angeles skyline photos - one taken from Boyle Heights, another from above the Hollywood Sign on Mt. Lee. The Militant pointed out to the other militantly-inclined Angeleno that a lot can be seen from up here, including the LAX control tower, just over the Baldwin Hills due south. The two Angelenos happily shot photos of the view from up there, at least until the parking structure's security guard politely told them to leave (No doubt set up by some of the Militant's enemies). There was no arrest, no inspection, no questions, no confiscation - the guard just escorted The Militant and the other skyline photo enthusiast to the ground floor. The other picture taker just set off back to his workplace at the California Hospital and the Militant returned to his Compound. Yes, being a Militant means living on the edge, but hey.

You can visit the Grand Avenue Garage yourself; maybe they won't hassle you if you actually parked there. But even if you just walked in, just be discreet! Will The Militant return? Of course he will! He's waiting for the next Clear-Day-After-A-Big-Winter-Rainstorm for summa dat snowcapped mountain background action!

Until then, Happy Militant Skyline Picturetaking!
A look towards Hollywood.

P,M. rush hour traffic and The Westside (synonymous?).

Towards The Eastside.

What a Metro Rapid Bus looks like from above.

The other militant Angeleno takes a pic on his iPhone while The Militant gets a view towards the southeast.


Anonymous said...

How did you sneak pass the camera's? I'll be sure to let Venice and Grand security and management know.

I've known about this view nearly since the garage by built, I have photos from that view from way before Staples or any other gentrification settled into the beautiful corporate skyline.

In fact 333 S. Hope and the USBank tower (now known as) has an even stellar view... come to think of it, I've been in almost every tall building in DLA! Gas Tower, Fig buildings, etc. etc.

Let me remind you about something, cars built this city. I don't like many of them especially that whole retarded and dumb high intensity headlight fad/crowd but you can't go spitting at these polluters. There is NOTHING you can do about it.

YOU siad "there is a helicopter pad, built just two years ago, serving both bougie corporate execs (thought gotta love 'em for avoiding traffic, lol) and emergencies at the nearby California Hospital."

Numnuts. The police department has also used that landing pad as emergency training, teams have used them in several training procedures, I wont go into it but it looks like a movie in terms of the stuff they do.

The landing pad, now that I remember, is also used for Hollywood fantasy and music videos. There is one very popular homosexual pop star who filmed a video all up and on top of the V+G. In fact that rooftop was were an LAPD officer came out to his family through that video. I think it was a police officer... anyway, yeah, I'm pretty certain... but the helicopter pad has been there since it was built.

The pad is also used as quick resting places for Helicopters not only emergencies. And plenty of corporate execs are struck in traffic every evening.

Also, your camera sucks. I used film. Its also a bit dangerous up there thats why you can't be allowed to just meander up there. I can tell you either took this photo in the late afternoon, near dusk.

If you do happen to sneak up there, but now that you've posted this, you probably won't, there's really NOTHING of interest anywhere east of the view. Its miles and miles of complacency and drab un-historic Los Angeles.

M. Bouffant said...

Pleasant fellow ...

Anyway, one of my favorite streets in Hollywood is Alta Vista Blvd., neither high nor w/ a view, & not much of a boulevard, since it's a two-lane street that runs from Sunset to 3rd, disappearing between Fountain & Willoughby.