Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy (West) Hollyween!

Last year, The Militant, dressed in full camo garb, went out in public for what may or may not be the first time during the Halloween festivities on Hollywood Blvd. But for several years, THE party has been a couple miles west, along Santa Monica Blvd for West Hollywood's annual Halloween Parade, where hundreds of thousands of folks turn the street from Doheny to La Cienega into a huge public space for the costumed.

This was the Militant's first time, mainly kept away by the traffic snarls. He was considering riding his bike there, but the cold weather was sort of a deterrent as well. But this time he rode an unspecified Metro Local bus west and walked a few blocks to the festivities. Easy as pie, and no need for parking hassles!

There were concerts on a few stages, oodles of food trucks, and restaurants and bars along the street that bled into the mayhem. This year there were suprisingly lots of Pokemon-related costumes, a good number of Dedmau5es (or is that Dedmic3?), astronauts (must be Endeavour-mania), the usual ghouls and superheroes, Star Wars, Gangnam Style and sexy maids (in both hot chick and drag varieties).

The Militant had a fun time, though someone asked him, "Are you the Taliban?" The Militant didn't know how to answer that question. Perhaps it was a golden opportunity to educate someone about his blog. The Militant just let is pass, though it kinda bothered him a bit.

Go Go Power Ranger!

What did the Tardis say to the Robot? Oh never mind.

Omit Romney, heh heh.

Wonder if Omit Romney tried to convince this guy.

This guy may or may not be dressed as a Metro bus driver.


Dunno what tis is supposed to be, but it's kinda cool.

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