Monday, October 29, 2012

SF Giants Win The World Series, LOL!

Los Angeles vs. San Francisco, circa October, 2012. Note the incidental Dodgers-Giants team color contrast between the two pics.

The Militant, eternal Dodger fan he is, was downright crushed to learn that the hated SF Giants won their 2nd World Series title in three seasons on Sunday, sweeping the docile Detroit Tigers 4-0 in the 2012 Fall Classic. 

Fortunately, following the game, rioting, arson fires and people doing all sorts of crazy shit broke out in the streets of San Francisco. The Militant enjoyed reading #sfriots pics on Twitter and munched on popcorn as he watched live streaming video of their "celebration."

Oh sure, Los Angeles has been known for riots. But let's face it, it's all in the past. Lakers championship rioting has become mellower with each title since 2000. And when the Kings won the Stanley Cup this past June, aside from a couple newspaper stands getting knocked down on Figueroa, there was no riot. 

In the meantime, we had real cool stuff like CicLAvia, a big-ass rock and a big-ass spaceship go through our streets, and no one caused any problems. 

Maybe Los Angeles is finally progressing, and SF is regressing? Guess it's time for us to be the smug ones now.

Congrats on your World Series title, BTW. Besides, two is still less than five. Giants still suck.


Anonymous said...

Ok, so we may have had a bit of a rivalry over the years, but at least they're fellow Californians, not midwesterners or something.

Militant Angeleno said...

Anonymous: If you consider the Dodgers-Giants rivalry "a bit of a rivalry," then you don't really know either team.

Anonymous said...

I'm talking about LA/SF in general

Anonymous said...

This posting I think is below this blog's usual awesomeness. Love the LA history and discoveries you make. Mine is bigger than yours hmmm... perhaps a different blog.

Anonymous said...

Here's what Giants fans really look like after a WS victory:

Nice, normal people.

And here's a real photo of LA:

Militant Angeleno said...

Anonymous: LOL, a Los Angeles hater just got offended by this blog. That must mean The Militant is doing his job. B>

admin said...

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