Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Impossible Has Happened...Twenty Years Ago Today

Before we go any further, the Militant is keenly aware that some of his readers are probably wondering, "WTF, is Militant Angeleno now just a Dodgers blog?" or "Aren't there more pressing issues right now since parts of the City are on fire?" The Militant's thoughts and prayers are with all who are affected by the northern SFV wildfires, especially since at least two of his operatives' families are directly impacted - one of whom were pictured on the website of a major local news source. If the Militant had the time and the resources, he'd be out there covering the fires. Of course, it's not where people should be right now, so to all those out there in the north Valley, hang in there!

On the topic of tragic loss, there's no need for the Militant to reiterate what happened at the Stadium on Monday night. Indeed, the Phillies started their own wildfires that ravaged Chavez Ravine in its own way, and all was glum in Dodgerdom.

On Wednesday, October 15, 2008, the Dodgers will play a game that may or may not be their last game of the year (no, really...). With the Phillies leading the NLCS 3 games to 1, with only one win separating the Phills from a World Series appearance, and with a seemingly improbable 3-game sweep being the Last Blue Hope, it seems that only a miracle can save the Dodgers now.

A miracle.
Kind of like the one that happened on October 15, 1988?

There's no need for the Militant to describe what happened. It's forever emblazoned in sports history, in baseball history, in Los Angeles history, in Dodger history. Wnenever it replays on the Diamondvision screen at The Stadium, the fans treat it like a religious observance - The glorious miracle of St. Kirk of Gibson. Even the irreverent Dodger blog, considers it "The Last Great Dodger Moment" (complete with a clock counting the time elapsed since then). Even the imagery of Gibson's fist pumping, or the equally memorable Scullyisms uttered ("She is...GONE! In the year of the improbable, the impossible has happened!") have become iconic images and sounds in their own right.

Though it's been two decades, and the players, managers, even owners have changed many times over since then, it remains a shining example of a beacon of postseason hope. The odds are against us, but remember, True Blue fans, if there's any team that can do the impossible, from 10/15/88 to 9/18/06 to today, it's our Boys in Blue.

MILITANT UPDATE: Alika, your wish has finally come true. The crown of the US Bank Tower is now lighted in blue. Hey, that rhymes...


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Miles said...

Best. Dodger. Memory. Ever.

Better than listening to a nonhitter on the radio from the beginning of the first to the last out in the ninth. Better than young Fernando or Steve Howe or Baker-Garvey-Cey-Smith, better than watching back to back to back homeruns from left field pavillion.

Your are right, MA. Nothing will ever compare to the moment Gibson came to the plate that night. I watched it alone, a college kid on the east coast, and when he knocked it out, I touched the ceiling...and then called every Yankees fan I knew to gloat.

Best. Dodgers Memory. Ever.