Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Vlogstyle Episode 04: The Militant Invades San Diego!

Hey, it's been a while since he made one of these. This time he gets back behind the camera to show you what he did this past weekend in San Diego, armed with his bike, an Amtrak ticket and his trusty Militant Video Camera. From Downtown to Point Loma to La Mesa to Balboa Park to Old Town, the Militant presents his little getaway.

For your curiosity, here's where the Militant rode:

The Militant's Santa Fe Station to Pt. Loma ride route - 9.7 miles

The Militant's Stockton District to Old Town (via Balboa Park) ride route - 12 miles


philpalm said...

The most common sabotage is those thieves that steal the front wheels when using the quick release. I also see a lot of seats stolen from the quick release too, or are they often removed so that they aren't stolen too?

I bet you the foodies will complain you didn't exhibit the SD culinary habits...

Militant Angeleno said...

Philpalm: Yes, that is why the Militant's bicycle saddle uses a regular hex bolt. As for the foodie thing, hey, this Vlogstyle was no means meant to be comprehensive - sheesh! He did enjoy an Italian dinner at Little Italy and Japanese food in the Mission Valley with his SD-based operatives, one of which supplied the Militant with actual foodie info that he plans to arm himself with in the next visit!

Maybe the Militant will one day doe the Huell Howser California Gold thing and evolve into the "Militant Californian"...heh heh heh.

Ed Greenberg said...

I also enjoyed a Train/Bike trip to San Diego. Our ride was from Imperial Beach up the Silver Strand bike path to Coronado. Nice, but my advice is to go south, rather than north, so the prevailing wind is at one's back.

One can then take the trolley back to downtown.

Next time, I may take the ride to Point Loma, as you did.

Interestingly, my southbound train had no bike space left, and I was almost left behind in LA. Fortunately, the conductor found a place for me to stash it.

Keep on blogging...

philpalm said...

Ed, back in the days, I rode south from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles by myself. One route overland or one route by the sea was my choice, and the headwinds was the least of my worries.

Fall is the worst time for all those
*#@$% thorns, and sometimes it is better to go with someone rather than soloing.

I suppose the Militant chose to have quick release wheels in case there was no room on the bike rack area...(or for packing his bike on a car)

Militant Angeleno said...

Philpalm: The Militant has quick release skewers on his bike because...well the bike came with 'em when he bought it.

But yeah, when he was rescued by one of his SD-based operatives, the QR came in handy as he was able to stuff his bike into the operative's car.

Militant Angeleno said...

Ed: The Silver Strand bike ride is already on the Militant's to-do list for his next SD visit! Can one bike over the Coronado Bridge? Or should he take one of the ferry boats from Downtown to Coronado?

Will Campbell said...

Awesome! Your San Diego excursion makes me look forward even more to the car-free business trip planned for Newport Beach later this week.

Metrolink to Santa Ana to the Santa Ana River Bikeway to PCH and onward!