Thursday, April 29, 2010

Curbed LA Out Of Ideas, Rips Off The Militant

Yesterday, the development blog Curbed LA put out an open call to rename the area formerly referred (and propagated) by them as "The Eastside." They also claimed to end the long-standing debate as to where the Eastside is, and whether brown-skinned folks should be considered actual human beings that are worthy of recognition and interaction.

Well la-di-da, not only did the Militant actually end that debate two freaking years ago, but he also put out the same call to rename the same said area, and even demarcated it with three question marks. A total rip off? Ya think?

Though maybe the Militant shouldn't be angered. After all, this is a major admission (some would call it surrender) by one of the worst perpetrators of mis-naming the "Eastside." And of course, the blatant rip-off is indisputable proof that the Militant is ahead of his time. Lastly, when reading the comments between Curbed and the Militant, it's easy and plain to see that readers of the Militant - even the transplanted ones - are so much more creative, intelligent, insightful and englightened.

On the Curbed forums, an example of their readers' collective ignorance and arrogance is perfectly examplified by the comment made by one such reader named "Sparkletime":

"so tired of all the "i grew up here so i know" argument. who cares. i live here now and i'm fine calling it the east side."

The Militant is sure that "Sparkletime" would be perfectly fine with Angelenos moving into their little Podunk backwards hometown and re-naming everything because they feel entitled to it. Of course, "Sparkletime" probably comes from the kind of town where the biggest weekly event is the Klan march.

Just proves that there's some real ignorant motherfukkkers out there. Even more reason to STAY MILITANT!


Josh Hamilton said...

they did rip you off!!!!

they call it the eastside, because they are juxtaposing it against the westside, the other bastion on white people. Not cool, but names are organic and not very respective of history.

The eastside moniker is here to stay. why not differentiate between the eastside (silverlake, los feliz, echo park) with East LA (boyle heights, el sereno, lincoln heights)?

Militant Angeleno said...

Joshman: Boyle Heights, Lincoln Heights, El Sereno are The Eastside but are not part of East Los Angeles, which is an unincorporated area of Los Angeles County that may or may not become its own city (just like what West Hollywood was before 1984).

Brady Westwater said...

I think North Central LA – NCLA – is the most accurate geographic description of the area and also the only description that is both intuitive and does not conflict with any existing name or any other neighborhood.

The area is all north of Downtown and it is all in the most central part of the city. That way all the various “East” names – can remain on the east side of the LA River and the “West” names can remain on the real Westside, wherever the hell that is these days.

And anything south of the Hollywood Freeway – such as Historic Filipinotown – would remain part of the greater Downtown/Central LA area
The one main exception would be the area north of Downtown that is west of the LA River and east of the Pasadena Freeway.

Those neighborhoods would remain sub-areas of Downtown; i.e., Chinatown, the Plaza, Cornfields, William Mead, et al.

But one exception to that rule I would propose is whether or not to add to NCLA the part of Solano Canyon that is west of Broadway, but east of the Pasadena Freeway since much of the community is west of the Pasadena Freeway.

I think everyone would agree Solano Canyon should be kept intact and I think North Central LA might – possibly - be more of a cultural & geographic fit with that area.

But the residents of that area need to be the ones to decide if they consider themselves to be part of the greater Downtown area – which they are physically - or part of the residential areas directly west of them, even though they are largely geographically separated from them by Elysian Park. It can easily go either way.

I’ll also leave it to the people in the several areas north and east of the 5 Freeway that are north of Elysian Park – but which are also south and west of the LA River - as to which area they would want to be attached to, though I suspect I know the answer already at least in some of those neighborhoods.

I’ll also pass on proposing exactly where the Western boundary should be, though Vermont is one logical option. Or, do you extend all the way to Western to keep all of Los Feliz in?

But then where the hell do you stick Los Feliz Oaks? Plus then you are clearly splitting East Hollywood in the flats.

Or do you have a western boundary jog at Franklin at Vermont? Have NCLA extend westward only north – but not south - of Franklin to include the hills that are a defining characteristic of much of North Central LA area.

That would also keep much of what is traditional heavily urbanized East Hollywood in the flats part of the greater Hollywood community – where it really belongs.

Or do you take another approach, go totally hardcore and end NCLA in Silver Lake? Or even … Echo Park?

But even Silver Lake would leave Los Feliz in a twilight zone since it really is not part of Hollywood.

So maybe… NCLA should end at Vermont in the flats and at Western in the hills – and have them flip a coin or arm wrestle for Los Feliz Oaks - since that could be considered the most viable option if the goal is to keep each individual neighborhood completely intact – but also have each contiguous neighborhood attached to the larger region that it most fits into.

Brady Westwater

Will Campbell said...

Imitation is the sincerest form of flackery.

PS. Regardless of which name gets the most votes in Curbed's poll, it's gonna suck.


Moi knows far too well of plagiarists

dakota said...

Nah, we didn't rip you off. This debate has been going on for years, and on countless blogs. Maybe your headline, Out of Ideas,is accurate as there nothing new about this debate, I'll agree with you on that.

As for the map, we have been using question marks on Curbed forever, particularly for our Name That Neighborhood series for years.

So no, there's no plagarism, no harm intended. Keep up the great site!



Flykuni said...

Angelenos have always known the Eastside is across the Los Angeles River. End of story. Period.

Stop attempting to rename parts of Los Angeles that don't need a new name.

Anonymous said...

I've lived in Silver Lake 25 yrs but would probably be called a hipster by the people hear.

Anyway I think there is a allot of misguided anger. The idea that the newcomers are trying to steal the term "eastside" is manufactured, The issue is pretty much unknown among people you're hating on and honestly not very many "hipsters"or residence really care if it called eastside or not.

Why not do something constructive like get a city ordinance passed designating the area the official eastside instead getting your panties in a bunch about a bunch of people who have no idea what your talking about. It just makes you look like put upon victims instead of an capable citizens creating the situation you want.

If your so passionate do something more significant than whining to your peers on a message board.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Actually, that comment is unclear. It was meant to suggest that perhaps "Anonymous" and "Sparkletime" are one in the same.

But I also embrace the other potential meaning of the comment: "Someone's online identity is "Sparkletime"? Really?"

Militant Angeleno said...

Ms. Stephanie: LOL, no, the Militant didn't think "Anonymous" was The Sparkly One (Sparkle Sparkle!).

But to reply to "Anonymous'" comment, point taken, but unfortunately for that person, there's more solid proof out there, in the form of fliers, advertisements and print and online media - both mainstream and underground - that there is a defiant gentrifying front that does care about claiming the name "The Eastside" as their own.

Ironically, "Sparkletime"'s comment on Curbed LA was solid proof that Anonymous' hypothesis is wrong.

Anonymous said...

"that there is a defiant gentrifying front that does care about claiming the name "The Eastside" as their own."

your assertion that an individual or even indiduals opinions are "proof" is very self serving so you can make a point but its not ven close to true . A front is a unified force with an agenda. Just because people are increasing using the word "eastside" doesn't mean their is a concerted effort to restle it from the mouths of the poor Mexicans that assertion is a fabrication. Its just a term that (mostly) white people used to distinguish this is not the "westside". Like I said hardly anyone in this area know of this "controversy" which really defies the term. My opinion based on knowing the inhabitants If their was a petition in this area that said "the eastside has a historic significance to us and we would like to preserve that by having the city deeignate east of the river area the eastside." The overwhelming majority would sign that in two seconds either because they feel sympathetic once explained or because they have absolutely no idea of this "controversy" and no stake.

because i live in Silver Lake, Like debate and like goofing off at work even more here's a further argument about the convention of names taken from. Are gangs trying to "steal" the term "Westside"...uh no

"why are all the gangs who were in Silver Lake, Echo Park and Los Feliz decades before the bearded hipsters arrived using "W.S." (for Westside) in their names?"

Your basically making an unintended point that there is no "real" eastside or westside According to the gangs the westside was anything west of the river. So are you now saying Silver Lake is the "real" westside? Are you getting your panties all up in a bunch that these gangs are stealing the term westside? I doubt it. Its no big deal its a nickname they used to define their experience same way everybody uses nicknames. People can have the same nicknames and not be "wrong" because its just an opinion.

...haha oh yea im not Sparkletime I just know enough to think that might be a poster on Curbed but not reall sure

Militant Angeleno said...

Anonymous: Blah blah blah blah blah, You really don't read this blog, do you? (Takes long, deep breath).
The Militant argued TWO YEARS AGO that west of the eastside and east of the westside is the CENTER OF LOS ANGELES, got that?


It's also so hilarious that you contend there's no issue when you're arguing at length about this so-called non-issue.

The Militant LOLs.

Anonymous said...

LOL The "issue" is that you're whining without much of a reason LOL

Militant Angeleno said...

Anon: Again, you fail on this one. The Militant *never* whines.