Thursday, July 28, 2011

Conan's (Street) Sign Of The Times

The Mayor's office has responded to talk show host Conan O'Brien's request to have his own eponymous Los Angeles City Street. And lookie lookie, it also features one o' dem new-fangled Chevy logo/UFO street signs that The Militant talked about in great detail a few months ago.

The gist of the video response is that Coco needs to prove his worth to the City by giving back in some form or another. Though The Miltant has had his criticisms of Villaraigosa through the years (most of them non-transportation-related though), The Militant is 100% in agreement that the Boston-area native-via-NYC transplant has to sow, and not just reap, in this urban farmland of Los Angeles.

The Militant may or may not be a Conan fan of course, but the "giving back" mandate should apply to  everyone in the entertainment industry. Do we not have a huge divide between the money-grubbing entertainment industry and the countless urban needs in this City? Imagine if all the entertainment companies would "prove their worth" in this City (other than sponsoring the annual AIDS Walk Los Angeles, which seems to be the sole token example of community support the entertainment industry really does).

Furthermore, when the Angelenos listed their litany of community give-backs in the Mayor's video, The Militant couldn't help but realize that he's already done most of these things already.

The Militant has been living in Los Angeles longer than Conan O'Brien obviously, but his blog (4 years) has long outlasted the talk show host's 15-month stint here (7 months at NBC, 8 months at TBS).

So where's Militant Angeleno Street? RECOGNIZE!


Anonymous said...

You could claim Military Avenue out on the Westside. Perhaps some street artist could modify a few signs in your honor.

Of course, if the Mayor had a response, he'd probably name a street in an undisclosed location in your honor.

At any rate, Conan should be happy he's getting a response at all. After all, the other well-known Boston-area transplant would get a whole litany of, um, "suggestions" on how quickly he should leave town and give us back our baseball team.

Militant Angeleno said...

Anonymous: "Military," aside from six letters, couldn't be any farther from "Militant." :)

How's about this, if Conan could intervene in the Dodger debacle, talk to Frank McCourt in Bostonese (or whatever the hell language they speak out there), and successfully convince him to sell the team, he would have earned his Angeleno wings and his own street.

Anonymous said...

Hence the street artist modification. :) The "r" is easily turned into an "n" and the "y" shouldn't be too much of a problem. If we can augment the 110 North sign in Downtown, surely we can rename Military Ave.

If Conan can convince the McCourts to leave and sell the Dodgers, he can have a whole freeway.

The Maker Monk said...

The Militant has gone missing without a post for over 3 weeks! Perhaps Conan's barbarians have located his compound and sent in a "wet team"!
If the Militant reads this, key your mike 2 times if you are OK, 3 if you need extraction. We can send an exfiltration unit in under cover of a taco truck....