Friday, March 28, 2014

La Habra Shakes!

Just 11 days after the Shamrock Shake rattled Southern Cali, we got an even bigger seismic muffin tonight: A magnitude 5.4 5.1 quake centered in La Habra, in northern Orange County, happening at 9:09 p.m. (too bad it wasn't centered in the Inland Empire).

The Militant was in his Compound, listening to the Dodgers vs. Angels Freeway Series exhibition game at The Stadium over the radio (because the damn games are all on cable now...), when he felt a soft shaking sensation in The Compound, which kinda lasted a lot longer than the Shamrock Shake.

Not sooner did he consult Twitter for the quake info was The Militant confronted with tweets asking for his personal christening of tonight's quake. Okay, let's see. La Habra...uh...umm...March 28...uhhh...

Damn, he knew this would happen.

Welp, it took all of 15 minutes, but he finally came up with a nom de tremblement:
Yeah, okay, it's nowhere near as witty as the #ShamrockShake, The Militant admits, and the "La Habra Stakes" reference will go over more people's heads, but, dude, he ain't got much to work with!

No one was hurt during this quake, but there was moderate damage in the La Habra/Brea/Fullerton area, including a water main burst and a rockslide in Carbon Canyon.

Again, The Militant did not feel any of the aftershocks, nor did he feel the 3.6 foreshock earlier in the evening at 8:03 p.m.

The cool thing though, was that there was a baseball game going on, and all of Los Angeles (well, those privileged enough to afford Time Warner Cable, that is) were blessed to listen to Vin Scully's first-ever (in all of his 56 years in Los Angeles) earthquake play-by-play:

Tonight's final score:
Los Angeles  5
Los Angeles de Anaheim  4
La Habra  5.1

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