Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson The Angeleno: The City Winks A Sleepless Eye (Interactive Map!)

View Michael Jackson's Los Angeles in a larger map

If you're groaning about how the Militant has joined the media fray in the over-coverage of Michael Jackson's demise, hang tight, because there's lots of relevancy here.

Though born in Gary, Indiana, The King of Pop has been an Angeleno since age of 11, and for much of his stardom called this City his home. His most famous work was made here, his most memorable moments occurred here, and it was here where he breathed his last breath and will be laid to rest. You'll find that Michael Jackson's life has stretched from the Westside to the Eastside, from the Valley to (hey, this is starting to sound like a Randy Newman song...) Orange County.

Yes, Michael Jackson was part of Los Angeles HIStory.

The Los Angeles Times recently published an online map showing various points of importance in the life of Michael Joseph Jackson, who lived in Southern California for most of the past 39 years. The problem with that map is that it lacks the Militant's in-depth historical knowledge and research on this City (Bloggers trump mainstream media yet again!), and that it omits other places in Michael Jackson's life here, like the schools he attended, and the other locations shot in the "Thriller" video. The Militant didn't just rely on Wiki, folks!

The Militant's interactive Google Map at the top of this post (similar to the Militant's previous maps pertaining to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and President Barack Obama) shows it all; just drag to navigate, click on the left resize buttons to enlarge and click on the little red points to find out the full details. Here's the locations in the map:

First Jackson Residence in Los Angeles, West Hollywood Hills
Jackson Family Estate, "Hayvenhurst," Encino
Michael Jackson's Final Home, Holmby Hills

Gardner Street Elementary School, Hollywood
Montclair Prep High School, Van Nuys

Michael Jackson Burn Center - Brotman Medical Center, Culver City
UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center, Westwood

Recording Studios
Cherokee Recording Studios - Birthplace of "Of f The Wall," Fairfax District
Westlake Recording Studios - The Birthplace of "Thriller" and "Bad," Midcity West
A&M Studios, Hollywood

Performance Venues

Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles
Pasadena Civic Auditorium, Pasadena
Dodger Stadium, Elysian Park
Staples Center, Downtown Los Angeles
Disneyland - Captain EO Attraction, Anaheim

"Thriller" Video Filming Locations
Downtown Palace Theatre, Downtown Los Angeles
Bishop Conaty-Our Lady of Loretto High School, Harvard Heights
Union Pacific Avenue - "Thriller" Scene Location, Boyle Heights

Full-screenMichael Jackson's Walk of Fame Star, Hollywood
Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Hollywood

For any of you reading this who is visiting Los Angeles for Michael Jackson's Public Memorial at Staples Center today, the Militant Angeleno welcomes you! Please feel free to use this map to take your own Michael Jackson tour of Los Angeles, and please do spend your tourist dollars generously (Your sales tax revenues will help get us the proposed subway line to the Westside that much sooner)!

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Dan said...

Westlake Recording Studios (A, where Thriller was done) is at 8447 Beverly, not 3101 Beverly. Just thought you might want to update that--thanks for doing this!