Friday, June 25, 2010

Get Down In Chinatown This Saturday!

You may or may not know that Los Angeles' Chinatown is celebrating its 72nd birthday on Saturday, with a big '40s-themed bash in Central Plaza on Broadway.

The party lasts from 7 to 11 p.m. and will feature Chinese, American and Chinese American entertainment. The price? Like totally free!

Operative reports relayed to The Militant indicate that free strawberry cakes courtesy of Phoenix Bakery will be given away as part of the celebration.

According to, there will be free valet parking at 950 N. Hill St starting at 5 p.m., but of course, that's gonna be crazypackedbackeduptrafficlongwait, so you're gonna be taking the (M) Gold Line or riding your bike there, right?

Los Angeles history buffs know that the 24-block Los Angeles' Chinatown is actually Chinatown 2.0, dedicated in 1938. Chinatown 1.0, established circa 1870, was originally located a few blocks to the southeast, on the other side of Alameda, and was moved to make room for the Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal, otherwise known as Union Station.

Today, Chinatown is still going strong as a cultural tourism destination, with a handful of late-night eateries, bars and art galleries. Plus there's this real cool park next door.

Check out this FunnyOrDie.Com video from Hollywood stuntman Steven Ho (a recurring guest on the now-unfortunately-defunct Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien), who made this viral flick for the Coco crowd in April. You'll see some very familiar sights:

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