Tuesday, May 12, 2009

'Bike To Work' Week? Psssh. How 'Bout 'WTF' Week?

Yesterday, when the Militant visited his local post office, the postal clerk at the counter, spotting the Militant's camouflaged bike hemet, asked him if he rode his bike. After the Militant affirmed, she asked if he just started riding today, or if he rides all the time. You already know the answer to that one...

As most of you know by now, Today is "Bike To Work" week. Which is all nice and good, especially for those of you who don't bike (or just have yours in the garage, tires mostly in a deflated state, adorned with cobwebs - shame on you). So what does a cycle-prone Militant do this week, especially since he already bikes to work (Hey, being a Militant is a 24-7 endeavor!)?

Well, the Militant, ever one step ahead of the typical Angeleno, has decided, instead of Bike To Work (BTW) week, it's gonna be Walk This Far (WTF) week! Instead of being on the bike, he's gonna go on longer-than-normal pedestrian jaunts he never before considered, just to see what urban delights he can uncover for this here blog.

After all, for a city that's gotten a reputation for not walking, going pedestrian is even more Militant than riding a bike! Bike advocacy is hot right now, so pedestrian advocacy is the next frontier, and some communities are already starting to get into it.

So if you already tell yourself "BTW," you might want to say, "WTF" instead!

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