Tuesday, January 13, 2009

That's So LAME!

Recently it was announced that the Los Angeles Convention and Visitor's Bureau decided, as a stop-gap measure to combat the effects of the recession with regard to our tourist industry, to employ a frequently-used derogatory phrase, which naturally capitalizes on frequent cliches and generalizations about Los Angeles.

The big money-shot phrase for this $2 million domestic tourism campaign: "THAT'S SO LA!"

The Militant facepalms.

Look, the Militant gets it, you're trying to re-claim the phrase to make it look like a positive one, and obviously the Militant generally supports any campaign meant to improve our image, but for a town whose ad geniuses love to tout its innovation and imagination, the said ad geniuses pick one of the least innovative and imaginative phrases of all.

According to the LACVB, the campaign highlights Walt Disney Concert Hall, Venice Beach, Universal Studios, the Hammer Museum and the Hollywood sign. Haven't most people who visit Los Angeles occasionally been to or seen most of these already? Do not we have neighborhoods in this town that are unlike any other in the country? It's just...argh...

[Okay Militant, calm down, reeeeelax. Think happy thoughts]

Oh well. Guess that's what this here blog is for.


fatpinkchicken said...

It also looks like a poorly re-purposed Metro ad, or maybe that's just me.

Militant Angeleno said...

Fatpinkchicken: You're right' the Militant noticed it just as he inserted the graphic into the blog post. Yes, to add to their lack of innovation, they resort to a typeface that's too similar to (M)etro's variant of the FF Scala Sans font.

LA MapNerd said...

Do not we have neighborhoods in this town that are unlike any other in the country?

Yes, yes we do.

But do you really want them overrun by tourists, too?

Be careful what you wish for. :-)

Militant Angeleno said...

LA MapNerdL Never heard of the term "Cultural Tourism," have you? Many of these "unique neighborhoods" are also low-income in nature. Having tourism become a revenue-generator for the community, and likewise a source of jobs and economic growth helps make that community become more sustainable.

The "overrun by tourists" is soooo NIMBYesque. Come now.